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Electronic Digital Counting Coin Money Saving Box

This clear jar has an LCD screen on a lid that helps count your coins as they slip through the slot. It accurately counts your money and displays the total for every deposit.
Just slip in your coins and the digital coin counter does the work for you!
It is designed to accept all Euro circulated coins.
Large capacity up to 2.5L can storage 800-1000 coins.
Easy to twist, take off the lid for your most convenience!
Two small grooves on the jar body make you hold it easier.
It also includes +/- buttons on the lid to allow manually.
Made of ABS, harder to break than those glass/ceramic money boxes.
The wide bottleneck for you to take out your coins conveniently.
Powered by 2*AAA battery (not included). A fun way to save money and keep all your loose change, a perfect gift saving pocket money for the kids!
Electronic Digital Counting Coin Money Saving Box

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