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Better Online Stores With Magento ECommerce

Better Online Stores With Magento ECommerce

Magento is easy to use, comes with a good looking template, a rich user interface and better ergonomics.

Buying and selling over the Internet or the mobile networks (m-commerce) is electronic commerce (eCommerce).

Shopping cart software helps customers make online purchases. Consumers buy goods or services, at an online shop (e-Shop, e-store, Internet shop, web-Shop, web-Store, online store, or virtual store) directly from a seller, in real-time. Customers place items in the shopping cart, and on checkout, the software calculates a total for the order, and includes shipping and taxes.

An eCommerce software is the backbone of an online business venture. It also includes the features to develop, market, sell, deliver, service and affect payment for the products and services.

Magento (launched 2008) is an open source eCommerce web application, built on the Zend Framework, by Varien (now Magento, Inc.). It has been developed for online traders/ online retailers to launch eCommerce websites, organize their products and services, run and maintain online business.

Magento eCommerce is open source, user friendly and comes with attractive layouts. In Magento, you can have solutions customized in line with your business model and your business goals. Magento commerce development can help in customizing and optimizing the web store. It brings to the merchant a technology that has everything you need. Magento behaves like the best of commercial solutions, yet comes free and is easy to use. It is the ideal platform for mid-sized businesses.

This eCommerce system is designed to be completely scalable, with a high degree of flexibility and power. It is versatile, market friendly and helps in increasing the conversion rates and better returns on investment due to lower costs of deploying it for full scale, robust operations.

Online businesses that are secure are essential for protecting data, as well as the interests of both the buyer and seller. Security features and encryption of data are available in Magento.

Factors deciding the choice of platform for the online store

Business plan


Product range (catalog)

Interaction with other systems

Import/ export of data

Payment gateway connections


Magento includes useful features like an easy to use administration panel, advanced product browsing, full range catalog browsing and management features, advanced shipping features and one page check out, advanced reporting and other analytical features that help users know current sales trends. It features multi-currency capability, as well as multiple languages and it is possible to manage multiple stores under Magento. Connect it seamlessly to external accounting systems, email list management tools and other inventory/ order/ customer systems and have convenient integration.

It is possible to make the eCommerce website rank high in the result pages of popular search engines, because this eStore is extremely SEO friendly. A qualified team of Magento Developers, Magento Programmers, and Magento Designers can create effective Magento Website Designs.

Magento comes in three editions: enterprise, professional and community. Community edition is free to download. It can be easily upgraded to professional or enterprise editions. Those who already have Magento stores online can augment and strengthen the online businesses. It helps users give a new look and added functionality to existing eCommerce website.

Magento On the move

Magento facilitates companies to reach customers anytime, anywhere. Its mobile source code is now available for the iPhone, Android and iPad. You can use a mobile app for customers to make purchases on-the-go, increase exposure to your products and your online or physical store, and enhance your brand position. The mobile app integrates with your existing eStore so you can manage everything from on administrator panel.


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