Biggest Durian Market In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 🇲🇾


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So happy to be in Malaysia and meet the @MOMC gang again! It’s Paul’s birthday so we celebrate with the whole team and eat durians in Malaysia’s durian heaven, located in Kuala Lumpur.

We meet new people and old friends who share the love for durian, including the owner of the durian market.

Join our exploration!

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  1. Asyraf Yap says

    Yummy 😋

  2. Mohd Zaki says

    Sedapnya durian…

  3. Keang Wooi Choo says

    Like Steve jetlag warriors said, eating durian is an Event here

  4. Chaw says

    Amazing that you both like durians. Not all Malaysians can eat this fruit… it's either one loves or hates it. I do eat durian but just 1 or 2 pulps, not more than that as it makes my body "heaty"….😀😄
    Wonderful that you guys met your Malaysian friends again….bonding friendship 👍👏
    Have a wonderful time in Dhaka, Mike Gigi. Cheers !!

  5. Keang Wooi Choo says

    Musang king has grade a, b, c

  6. Oscar Tango Romeo 00 says

    For me.. Eating durian will make someone feel positive in their mind and heart.. imagine those allegedly "pungent" smell are actually aromatic and the taste are so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so super good..

  7. Ezan Julliene says

    Love durian especially musang king 👑

  8. Yasin Affandi says

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful video, a reunion with d king of fruit. Super tasty.

  9. Herry Herry says

    Both of you eating durian without gloves…. 😊

  10. Gajah Mengaum says

    Its good to see you spending time with locals.

  11. Putih Putih says

    Durian is tasty 😘😋 but not everybody could like it 😂 it's one of the fruit where you could either love it or totally hate it 🥲

  12. unkoi rio says

    Visit us👌Sipadan frontier👉fb

  13. Azman Ahmad46 says

    Saya tak suka durian 😐

  14. Dodo Explorers says

    Give this video a thumbs up if you like durian!

  15. Paul G. says

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, Michael & Gigi! Was a birthday to remember! We'll have to plan another Durian Feast Soon 🌳

  16. Azizah Abdullah says

    Hi dodo explorers, glad to see you're back. Durian is an acquired taste. You might not like it at first but if you persevere, it will grow on you and then you will be hooked!

  17. Mohd. Sufian Bin Hassan says

    Go check out the durian tree that you guys planted last year!

  18. Suhanjaya Lian says

    Mirip seperti China Tiongkok aku pikir yang Orang Lokal rupanya China Tiongkok Banyak Tulisan huruf China Tiongkok disana identitas negara mereka dipertanyakan sungguh Malang.

    Datanglah ke Indonesia kakak Abang dapatkan pengalaman luar biasa Selama berwisata di Indonesia berbagai macam kuliner (Nusantara Khas Indonesia) dan kearifan budaya lokal asli menjujung tinggi ideologi Nasionalisme disini 🥰🇮🇩🙏🏾

  19. Sharon Leong says

    Great video as always. I love it all the time too. 👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️

  20. Uno says

    I don't eat durian but still a 👍 💕

  21. BlardyMunggas says

    Wow you guys are real hardcore traveller. Not many travelers can accept the taste of the king of fruit. You guys are next level. Durian is really a super food with many rare minerals in it and really good especially for vegans

  22. munif mahtar says

    ac mizal mkn durian

  23. Nstar24 says

    Welcome back Bro terbaik

  24. Jhom Eduarte says

    Hi Gigi and Michael!😊👋

  25. mega shahbana says

    Wowwww …..wat a great dive guys durian madness lovin' it

  26. Jaj Imy says

    Mr smith, an ex US navy who once served in spore, described this king of fruit as 'a fruit with horrible smell but fantastic taste.'

  27. Sarifah Zarina says


  28. Aravind says

    My cuties 😍🥳

  29. Ric Manalo says

    I love durian and craving for it even if it's expensive here in the Philippines but I didn't like it on my first try.

  30. Grif's Food and Travel says

    Never tried Durian. Maybe a must try thing when we get to Kuala Lumpur!

  31. Badrul Hisham says

    Thank you very much dodo Explorer im truly clearly feel happy that you both of you love eating durian, from normal grade up to high and special high quality durian after you eat the most high quality durian finally you Will understand that we all especially South east Asia called durian King of the friut by eating special high quality durian give unforgettable memories and give result to erase misunderstanding of they stingky smelly friut im definately ensure after eat the truly clearly high quality durian give satisfaction of your throat and you Will miss it so much as well.

  32. Black Knight Shark says

    100% ✌🏻😁🇲🇾


  33. Atuk Encem says

    Our family luv durian. Just 2 mths ago we had durians till we drops.!!

  34. Minhaz Fuad says

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  35. PAPERCUT says

    Yeah i like it

  36. Zakir Hossain Shobuj says

    Malaysia is my second Homeland

  37. Mohd Farhan says

    welcome back to malaysia mike & gigi..

  38. Tyler Vasquez says

    Miss y'all in ThevPhilippines

  39. Al D. says

    Yes, durian is an acquired taste. Took me all of one bite!

  40. Crush Mia says

    You should try Ezy Durian in Bangi or Batu Caves. They also have Pulut Durian, Cendol Durian.

  41. kabie bebe says

    Only fresh garlic can stop these Vampires now… 🤣🤣🤣

  42. alemodin Racmat says

    Where is this located in KL and how much per kg? Thanks

  43. Poly Cadence says

    For the uninitiated, SS2 is a total ripoff, price-gouging tourists.
    Singapore, whose durians come from Malaysia sells premium grade MK durians much cheaper than in SS2 or Georgetown.

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