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Black Jack Winning Moves

Black Jack Winning Moves

Black jack is an element of player choice; This has a special strategy which shows who can win and how theitting can be carried out. The strategy implemented depends on the player's total and dealer's visible card.

Black jack is one of the efficient games that can be played in casino, if played correctly it has the lowest house edge, this is not quite difficult game it has an average stand, the winning moves are quite easy.

Counting a card is very important in a black jack; It helps in two ways:

1. Some times good cards help the player to keep more bets, if there are more aces and tens, it would be good for the player to keep the bets

2. Some times an idea of ​​the cards that are available helps him to improve his choosing of hands.

It is said that card counting strategy gives out advantage of 0.5 to 1.5 percent in winning the house. Card courting is a legal strategy implemented for the benefit of the player there is no such rule against the card counting.

Rules to be followed while playing black jack:

Each player deals with two cards and the hand with the highest total wins, and the rule for winning is the number should not exceed a limit. Each card from 2 to 10 have a value and the face cards jack, king and queen are worth ten. Ace is called as a soft hand with a value of 11. Having a highest unbusted hand helps the player to beat the opponent.

Tips for playing black jack in a multi deck game:

1. Learning the basic strategy mentioned above is very important.
2. Player should find a open seat near the black jack table
3. He should wait for the hand to end, than buy the chips and place the bet
4. When the dealer gets our cards, our move can be any hit, stand, double down or split.
5. To hit the game we should tap the table
6. To stand out player should wave his hands
7. In order to split or double down player has to place another bet next to the old bet
8. Finally allow the dealer to play

Following all these steps can give a win to the opponent against the dealer quite easily.
One thing which can make the game towards the player is shuffle tracking this shuffle tracking is nothing but tracking a group of cards, during the play and following them and playing when the come into existence. Betting properly at this stage ensures better income to the player.

Excellent visual estimation and keeping a good track of all the movements of the dealer will surely make the player a winning move. Thus finally a good player is said to have a good vision and interest on the game, so ensuring proper performance through out the game. Play the game well get good performance, winner is not born they are made.

Source by Vinay Polisetty Kumar

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