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Brand Recognition – What Does it Mean to Brand Your Market?

Brand Recognition – What Does it Mean to Brand Your Market?

If you're still thinking "brand" means to burn a logo on the backside of a steer, you're a bit off course and out of date, although that's one meaning. Business Brands have a similar concept but less pain. Brand Recognition is the ability of your customers to recognize the specific field of business you are in, specifically Your business from a logo or phrase.

Because your logo, motto, and slogan are the first chance you have to impress visitors to your website, business cards, letter head, or product labels, your brand should stand out prominently on those objects. Once your customer sees your brand, it should be readily recognizable and memorable, no matter where they see it again.

One night watching Columbo, I noticed a pistol grip spray bottle with Amway's red and white stripe spinning world logo on the side of it. I did not have to ask to know they used Amway products on the set.

It's often recommended that you use your brand proficiently with all your business correspondence and product labels in order to impact your customers. If your vehicles are highly visible and your business is local, I often recommend putting the logo on the side of your car. I've even seen businesses with their logo in reverse on the front of their vehicle so it can be read in the rear view mirror. This is a great way to capture attention.

Small businesses should be highly aware of any elements that make their business brand recognizable and bring clarity to the question of "What do you do?" Show your customer what you do with viable business references. Make it easy to recognize your business with Brand Effective Recognition where it matters most.


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