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Brand Yourself Before Branding Your Business

Brand Yourself Before Branding Your Business

The names of Steve Jobs and Apple are synonymous to each other. The round rimmed glasses, long sleeve black faux turtleneck shirt and blue jeans are now just as memorable as the Apple icon itself. Apple is a world recognized brand. So is Steve Jobs. Consumers grew to trust Steve Jobs, therefore developing trust in his company.

Today’s message is all about creating more value for your most important product, YOU! Becoming influential is an awesome way to brand yourself and being informative and helpful is one of the best ways to increase your personal brand. So, let’s start branding YOU.

All respected brands have one thing in common, TRUST. They are trusted as authoritative, tops in their field and helpful to the masses. So let’s do the same with you. Let’s get those around you to trust you. Here’s a good way to start.

The next time you show up at work, look for that one associate that never gets the attention they deserve; maybe even someone who is generally ostracized from other co-workers. Now, do just the opposite. Go to that person. Say “Hi”. Ask them how their day is going. Do it sincerely. Not in a fake way. Mean it. Offer to help them finish a project they may be working on.

Then, finally, invite them to join you for lunch. If they say “yes”, PAY! You will not only gain another trusted friend, but you may just start a snowball of friendship within your workplace. And your associates will remember who started it.

Branding yourself and your business the right way requires just a few yet powerful steps:

1. Get listed in all search engine directories; Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

2. Get noticed by creating unique, authoritative, informative, helpful, entertaining content for websites and social media platforms. Yes, becoming an author of content is very important to gaining notoriety and fame.

3.Get engaged in social forums like Google+, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and talk about not only the content you have created, but also what other provocative authors are writing about. Review their work too and discuss with your networks.

4. Get authority from article and website placement on page 1 on search engines like Google and be recognized as the author with the highest respect and authority in your niche. When you are trying to be influential and a great contributor in your business and non business networks, much to your pleasure, you will suddenly be recognized and branded as the expert in your field!

David Salcido is the inspiration behind David Salcido Consulting- Image Redesign Artistry; a marketing and public relations firm dedicated to reshaping the image of people and companies for top of mind awareness and authoritative branding.


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