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Branding Agency – What's in a Name?

Branding Agency – What's in a Name?

When it comes to generating a strong brand identity, one of the most important things to get right is the name of your business because it is this which will be the driving force behind your brand. In an age of Google, it is important to have a name that is incredibly memorable because the temptation for the vast majority of consumers is to " Google it " when it comes to finding what they are looking for – and if your business name is memorable , it is likely to be one of the first that they think of when they begin their search.

It is important to consider the use of professionals, such as a branding agency, when you begin the process of naming your company and there is no downplaying the severity of a poorly chosen name for your business – with many companies failing to recover from this very faux pas. A skilled marketing and advertising agency will be able to assess your core values ​​and products and come up with names and logos that are fitting to your overall business objectives.

Abstract or Obvious

For those responsible for creating a name for a business, it is invariably the case that opinion is split down the middle – with some believing that an abstract name that creates intrigue is the best avenue to pursue whereas others believe that making it clear right off the bat what your company offers through your business name is the best approach to take. Generally speaking, however, the evidence dictates that any name can be successful providing that it has the right branding and marketing support behind it and this is something that the majority of businesses will seek the services of an agency to facilitate.

It may seem like an obvious point but any new company in the process of developing their business name should seek to ensure that it is easy to spell because if people have problems remembering the name of your company, they will struggle to find you when they are looking to utilize your services – all of which will have negative repercussions for your overall brand identity.

A branding agency will take control of your corporate identity – including the name of your business – and also encompassing other important elements such as colors, design style and so forth. One of the first things that this type of agency will do after helping you to create your business name will be to formulate a set of brand guidelines which can be adhered to through all marketing and advertising campaigns.


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