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Branding by Design: The Benefits of 3D Custom Flash Drives

Branding by Design: The Benefits of 3D Custom Flash Drives

Custom flash drives are a unique twist on a hot promotional product. Instead of printing your logo on a stock USB drive, it's possible to create a totally custom design. This process has numerous marketing and branding benefits.

What are flash drives?

A USB flash drive is a small data storage device useful for moving files from one computer to another. They plug into any computer, most laptops, and even some tablets and smartphones. With the capability to hold amazing amounts of data, promotional flash drives are available with memory capacities from 256 MB to 32 GB.

Typically weighing less than 1 ounce and measuring 2 "-3" in length, USB drives easily fit in a pocket or purse. They can also hang from a keychain, necklace, lanyard, or badge pull, making them less likely to get lost. Promotional USB drives can be configured with useful features like data encryption and can also be pre-loaded with documents, songs, videos, and applications. It's even possible to program them so that the moment users plug the drive into a computer, they are taken to your company's website.

Why choose a custom USB drive?

Promotional flash drives come in many standard shapes and sizes, but you can make a larger splash by going totally custom. Here are some of the benefits of choosing a custom designed flash drive:

  • Makes a great first impression – the "wow" factor
  • Highly memorable, sticking in their minds for a long time
  • Unique and unlike anything they've seen before

The branding impact of a custom flash drive is exceptional. You could print your logo on a cookie-cutter drive, or you could give someone a drive that is your logo. Also consider designing the custom drive to look like your mascot, one of the products you sell, or any other iconic image associated with your brand.

In addition, a custom flash drive has all the usual benefits of a promotional USB flash drive: it's useful and affordable, and has a high perceived value. It will generate countless impressions as it is used again and again, and every time, the user will be reminded of your company and the thoughtful gift you gave.

How to use custom flash drives

Custom flash drives can fill many promotional roles. They make excellent gifts for valued clients and incentives for employees. As supplies for your sales force or other workers who travel frequently, they allow easy transfers of documents and projects from home to office to remote job site.

When used as tradeshow giveaways, they generate buzz and drive traffic to your booth. They can be distributed at conferences and meetings pre-loaded with presentation materials and supporting documents, saving reams of paper. Because they are small and light, they are a perfect fit for direct mail campaigns.

How the process works

Taking your custom USB drive from concept to reality is a simple process. It begins with photographs or drawings of the design you're going for. Even a few snapshots are enough to work with. Then, the factory transforms these 2D images into a 3D model. A mold is made for the soft, rubberized PVC. The body of the drive is manufactured, and the memory is inserted into the body. The final product is delivered to you, either bulk packed or in individual gift boxes.


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