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Branding – Get the Public to Recognize Your Name

Branding – Get the Public to Recognize Your Name

Think of any product or service. It has a brand name. Even no-name brands are a brand. The brand name on electronics is a really important one, especially if you are purchasing an expensive piece of equipment. You want to know you are getting the best quality. The same goes for furniture and even automobiles. You want to purchase a proven brand name so you know it will last for years to come and be safe for you and your family.

However, when it comes to value, many people will opt for the store brands when purchasing food or toiletries because they are often very similar to the popular name brands, but lower in cost which is what everyone wants. If you could buy a brand new home theater system as a store brand for a fraction of the cost, and know that it was of equal value to a name brand model like Sony, would not you want to? Sadly, when it comes to big purchases like electronics, automobiles and furniture, you want to go by the brand name if you want to get your money's worth. That is why brand marketing is so crucial. Consumers need to know that they are making the right purchase. Brands like Sony and Pioneer have been around for years and there have a lot of history that consumers know will last in the long run, and that paying a little more for a brand name is worth it.

Brand marketing is all about consistency and familiarity. And those things equal trust. Basically, it is when a business tries to get their brand into consumer's heads so they'll only want to buy their brand. One case in point would be McDonald's golden arches; they try to burn the arches into consumer's heads so when they're hungry and want fast food it's McDonalds they will think of. A few other fast food brands with catchy brand hits are A & W with the big bear, and of course, their burgers named after members of the family, Kentucky Fried Chicken with the Colonel, and Wendy's with Dave and the little girl with the red hair and pigtails (Wendy).
When it comes to vehicles, it is wise to go with the trusted brand names. Sure, you may get a foreign vehicle for cheaper than you would from one of the "Big 3" automakers, but you are going to pay the price in the long run with expensive repairs and hard to source parts.



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