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Branding Goodwill

Branding Goodwill

Goodwill towards men; a fundamental principle of humanity, is becoming more prevalent through the power of the internet.

Although a fundamental segment of society participates in contributing money to charities, generous givings are done by a small percentage of people fortunate to have the means to do so.

Now a new online program has emerged to provide this opportunity for literally every human who has a desire to spread goodwill and contribute to his fellow man. There is never a cost to anyone.

Multiple online companies have invested a substantial amount of time and money to bring a sophisticated yet simple system to all internet users. A split-second download of a toolbar to your computer's browser is your first step; then conduct any Yahoo web search as you normally would. When you click on any Sponsored Result, money automatically goes to a designated Charity of the Month and a purchase is not necessary!

A Free toolbar is available to any Individual, Business or Non-profit organization.

For an Individual toolbar the download actually happens instantly with one click. Immediately, you could have access to the most current retail products bought to you by such well known retail suppliers as Sears, Wal-mart, Best Buy, JC Penny, Office Depot and more. In fact, there are approximately 10,000 established retailers fighting to sell their wares to one outlet resulting in considered savings.

For any business manager, owner, or operator; your custom, made-to-suit toolbar could have been a powerful advertising tool. A company can design their own toolbar with company logos, color schematics and even have back links installed as a unique way to promote business. As the customers use their computer in normal use, the business information is blazed on the computer's browser. This allows the business to stay connected to their customers twenty-four hours a day – as simple as a business card and as powerful as the internet! Not only is the business staying connected to their customer; they are providing the system to the customer to brand goodwill in their community. Every time the customer clicks on a sponsored result from the web search, money goes to charity!

Remember too; when the secretary of the business clicks a sponsored result while working from her computer, the business is sending money to the same charity as their customer!

A company could end up with their company name and information on hundreds or even thousands of computer browsers. This would result in an enormous amount of free advertising and increase sales for the company. Best of all, quite possibly, thousands of dollars would go to needy people every month.

This Branding toolbar works the same for non-profit organizations except for one main difference. Instead of money going to a Charity of the Month as it does with Individual and Business toolbars; money goes to your own Non-profit organization when a Sponsored Result is clicked on. For any non-profit organization, this program is one answer for generating a constant stream of revenue. Your members and supporters simply download your customized toolbar link to their computer and you could have literally hundreds or thousands of dollars going to your Non-profit organization.

Large, small and all sizes in between; thousands of non-profit organizations are using this exact system to generate money for their needs. In fact, about 5000 organizations such as the Salvation Army, the United Way, and the MS society are involved. Hundreds of public and private schools, churches, and youth sports teams have their toolbars installed; doing web searches as this article is being written and generating revenue with a click.

The expert developers of this technology intentionally invested all the time and money necessary to insure the toolbar comes to you virus free and never allows pop-ups, spyware or adware. It is adult-filtered to be more family friendly!

A personal toolbar is available for immediate download installation. A Business and Non-profit toolbar takes about 4 or 5 days to be made and ready for you to use.

In our age of hustle and bustle, there may to many situations where the dollar reigns king as the bottom line. It can be an uplifting feeling of optimism when a company on our internet makes it such a high priority to spread goodwill toward it's fellow man.


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