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Branding Success – A Guide to Effective Brand Names

Branding Success – A Guide to Effective Brand Names

When you are buying everything from your everyday needs to your luxury items, what you do not realize is that more than the product or services offered, what usually makes the primary indicator of the things you buy would be brand names. Brands are some of the mos recognizable things on the market, and they usually transcend the services they stand for to become cultural icons in their own right. And their recognizability coupled with their selling power ensures that brands will be here to stay.

But what's in a brand name? There are many things that companies use amazing brand names for. More than logos or symbols, a brand name can make or break the product sales of a certain company, depending on how effective it is. Here are a few functions of a good company brand name:

Charge: Very often a popular brand name gives a lot of companies the motivation to charge more for their products than unbranded products. This gives truth to the old saying that you're paying for the brand and not the service '.

Recognition: Essentially what branding does is put a recognizable face on an old product. By doing this the company is making a pledge to continue providing on this new product the same level of excellence that it is known for in its past projects.

Integrity: When you have something as public and as popular as a brand name, then it necessarily means that you should take the effort to maintain your brand's integrity. Because when the name falls, the whole chain sinks with it.

So you see it is essential that you back up a good brand name with good service. Because essentially what you're doing when you adopt a brand name is telling the public 'this is who I am and this is what I can offer'. It is always synonymous with the company and there should be free of taint and controversies as much as possible. If you observe this, then you will surely have the respect of your clients.


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