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Branding Your Business For Success – Logo Design

Branding Your Business For Success – Logo Design

The image your business portraits on your print, web, and visual presentations say a lot to potential clients. A clean polished look to your branding can mean success for you if you take the time to consider all the factors in your brand.

I would first recommend getting a good graphic artist to assist you in this task. If you are a bigger company, you might consider a larger firm that can handle some of the more hands on details of putting this all together for you. If you are a small or home business, you might find a freelancer, or someone who attends the local graphic arts college to assist you. A good graphics person can create a logo that is timeless and can be used for several different purposes, from print to color, to black and white applications.

The items that you particularly need to consider are:

Color – what colors for your industry do clients trust. Another consideration is where your logo needs to appear – will the colors clash with your storefront if you place it on signage, for instance?

Font – The font can help convey the message about your services and what you are all about. Elegant, fun, whimsical, fonts give your logo personality.

Orientation – Will your logo be more horizontal or vertical?

Finally, consider that if you are putting your logo on signage, wrapping your vehicle with it or making it very large, you are going to want to get it from your graphics person in some digital format that the sign shop can utilize. I suggest putting it on a cd or thumb drive and storing it in a safe place because you will need it to get your business cards, banners for that trade show, and any other event that requires your logo.


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