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Branding Your Online Craft Business – What's in a Name?

Branding Your Online Craft Business – What's in a Name?

Naming your online handmade business can be almost as essential to your business success as choosing the right product niche. Because of this, there are key pieces you need to consider before choosing a name.

First, when you set up your craft business, you want a name that your customers can easily remember. Your name should not be too long and it's helpful if the words are easy to spell.

My handmade photo album business is called Iris & Lily. This is known as an empty vessel name. It does not really say much about the business. At first glance, you might think, a flower shop? Once in the store though, customers know what I'm selling and they'll remember the easy name. In addition, this type of name communicates a feeling.

A business name, especially for a craft business, does not have to say exactly what you do. For Iris & Lily, I wanted to communicate delicate, feminine and beautiful. Irises and lilies are all of those things, and they are hardy, sustainable flowers as well. Plus, the name has a nice ring to it, it's easy to remember and if I wanted to expand my photo albums and scrapbook business into knitted sweaters or photo jewelry, I could, without having to change the name.

In some cases, it's a good idea to communicate what you do in your business name, especially if it's something unusual. Just be sure to keep the name broad enough that it does not limit you to a narrow selection of products. Craft businesses often evolve as you see what your customers are looking for.

There are a couple of things to consider when deciding on your business name:

1. Does it communicate the right atmosphere for your business?

2. Is it easy to remember … and spell? Remember, online you do not want to have lots of symbols or complicated words that are easy to misspell when typed into a search bar.

3. Is the domain name available as Most people, when searching the web, still type

4. Is the name or an easy-to-remember variation of name available for social media sites like Twitter, YouTube and Flickr, where you might be promoting your products?

5. Can you register this name with your county when you register your business as a DBA ("doing business as" for a sole proprietor) or a corporation? I made this mistake with my first business name. I chose family names that were important to me. I got the domain names, set up shop, even created a website and started branding, only to learn when registering my business name a few months later that as a sole proprietor in New York, names that are not your own are not allowed as a business name. The company name has to consist of words that are in the dictionary. Something to keep in mind.

You may also want to check with the county clerk online first to make sure the name you are considering for your business is not already taken in your county. Duplicates are not allowed either.

When you choose a name, try it on, say it often and get input from friends, family and maybe even fellow crafters before making your final decision.

What's in a name? The success of your business could be, that's what!

Source by Diane P Falvey

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