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Tactics To Improve Nonprofit Marketing – Your Anniversary And A Marketing Communications Audit

With revenues at nonprofit organizations increasing by only 0.9 percent, to $ 298 billion in 2011, according to Giving USA, it is no secret how difficult fundraising has become in today's environment. Add to that the possibilities of an upcoming fiscal cliff and the loss of tax deductions for charitable contributions and you wind up with a very daunting picture. Your advisory board, committee members and staff all want to help, and look to organization leadership for direction. Now, more than ever, is the time to focus on the development of a meaningful marketing communications plan to profitably improve your fundraising efforts. As you develop your plan, and evaluate various directions and opportunities, I suggest you consider two tactics that have proven successful for improving mark...[Read More]

App Development Trends in 2018

2017 was another great year for app development and mobile devices. The mobile apps are in the mainstream now and an awesome number of users is already relying on latest apps. What does the future of mobile app development hold this year? 2018 will see further innovative apps coming out, along with the growth of modern technology. Following are some of the trends that will mark 2018 in the world of apps. Artificial Intelligence IA will mark both, the development of trends in mobile applications and the boom of their capabilities. Through the use of advanced analysis techniques, cognitive interfaces within complex systems and machine learning techniques, AI will provide powerful ideas that users have never seen before. Due to these advances, the big players like Google, IBM, eBay and Facebo...[Read More]

The History of Fast Moving Consumer Goods

The FMCG industry covers an extensive variety of consumable goods like: • Grocery items like toilets, sodas, pre-packed goods and cleaning items • Highly perishable items like fruits, vegetables, meat products and dairy products It also includes baked products like pastries and cakes. • Beauty items, cosmetics and toiletries • Pharmaceutical products • Paper products like notebooks and greeting cards • Plastic products These retail products have short-lived shelf life compared to kitchen and other home appliances. The items are commonly replaced in a couple of days or in a few months time; This is because they are consumed by the consumers on a day to day basis. The FMCG industry is a highly competitive due to branding and product advertising. The manufacturers continue to develop and enha...[Read More]

Real Estate – Selling – The Long List of What to Include in Internet Marketing For Your Property

If you are selling real estate in any form then you need to know about internet marketing. Do not spend your time with marketing methods from the past. Do not deal with Realtors who are stuck using old marketing methods. The marketing methods for today and tomorrow are on the internet. You need a web marketing strategy for any type of property you are trying to sell. If your Realtor doesn’t have one for your specific property, then you must get someone else to do it for you, or get a different Realtor. Often I am asked what is included in when we do customized Total Web Marketing Strategies for real estate properties for sale. Below is a sample list of the types of things we recommend you do for properties after creating a custom website apart from Realtor or FSBO websites. Sample Cu...[Read More]

The 10 P's Of Personal Packaging

There are 10 basic P's we can all incorporated into our business personas. Remember thinking your P's and Q's your mother always told you. Well, now we can all achieve that goal. Keep in mind this is a continuing evolving process. No one can be perfect on every point. However, it is important to recognize that these attributes are a part of the well prepared competent professional and with a little practice it could be you. 10 P's of Packaging Yourself o Perceptive – You really listen to what people are saying and what message they are intending to convey. o Performer – You get the job done. Not just occasional but on time and with reliable results. o Persistent – You never give up. Did you know that very rarely is a sale made on the first contact. Researc...[Read More]

Marketing and Advertising – Similarities and Differences

Small business owners tend to confuse marketing and advertising as the same thing. Advertising is a very important component of marketing but not the same. Marketing is the process of creating customer interest in products and services. Marketing generates the strategy that underlies sales techniques, business communication and business development. Marketing is the whole package and advertising is a component. Advertising is an important element of the marketing strategy and probably the most expensive. Advertising is about sending messages about a company, its products and services. Advertising also includes putting together a series of methods to target viewers and interest them in becoming customers. Advertising including placing ads, deciding what media to use, the frequency and the t...[Read More]

The Importance Of Being Relatable To Others With Your Business

The importance of being able to relate and connect with people when you advertise your business or webpage is probably the one single critical element worth paying attention to. I often look around and see some businesses where people don’t appear to even be present. It’s like everything is on autopilot and there’s no need to talk to anyone. Think about it a moment. When you visit a website as a customer it almost feels surreal when the website is just sell, sell, sell and no warmth. Sure, if you have a website you can’t be present in reality, but you can have your face in a picture or on a video. Putting a face to your business is probably the biggest thing you need to grasp. The essence of what I’m really saying is that exclusive branding is the main goal yo...[Read More]

How to Integrate SEO and Web Design

Web Designers and SEO teams remain locked in a continuous feud divided by a line in the Google sandbox. Both sides stand behind their respect crafts, each believing their work is vital to online success. On the one hand, the SEO team must drive traffic. The other must communicate brand experience. Both are very essential, yet employ very different techniques and ideas. How can web design and SEO live together in harmony? The Design Team Web Designers create websites with the client's audience in mind. Too often they believe a user's experience dictates success. A simple "build it and they will come" mindset pervades their approach to site design. That's not all bad. At a very basic level, creative teams long to tell a story. Through design and copy, the team takes a b...[Read More]

Android App Development – The Key to Attract More Customers for Your Business

The Android operating system is unduly the most popular mobile operating systems available today. Most top smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, MicroMax, Motorola, and many others, use Android OS to power their devices. That is exactly why; thousands of new apps are being developed for this platform. Companies are hiring professional Android app development services for creating apps under various categories like games, accounting, teaching, news, payment processing, eCommerce, and lots more. These days, most of the reputed business has mobile apps to manage different departmental needs of their business, especially to meet their customer requirements. Going forward, most of the companies will have to follow suit, in order to reach out to their potential and existing customers. Let us no...[Read More]

Online Reputation Management: Proactive Vs. Reactive

Online reputation management can make or break your company’s image. There are now 2.4 billion internet users across the globe, and that number is rising. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg further accentuated the move toward whole global internet usage by announcing the establishment of – a consortium with handset makers, browser companies and network infrastructure manufactures that will allow Facebook to connect the world via the internet, despite economic hurdles. Zuckerburg cites internet connectivity as a "basic human right," and says that the next century will bring about a shift from an industrial, resource-driven economy to a knowledge-driven economy. Even with the current numbers, the internet stands as a driving force within our U.S. economy. Those c...[Read More]

Does Your Content Marketing Solve Your Prospects' Problems?

Traditional marketing is about reach and frequency. Today marketing is all about making connections and building relationships and content marketing meets this criteria. Content marketing is any marketing that incorporates the creation and distribution of relevant and valuable content to attract and engage a specified target audience with the goal to convert prospects to take a desired action. This content can be delivered in a variety of ways to include whitepapers, articles, reports, eBooks, audio books, infographics, newsletters, videos, press releases, podcasts and more. Good content marketing works to keep you and your business top-of-mind. Content marketing is meant to help, not sell. Consumers today do not have time for boring, self-promoting content. Great content is shared through...[Read More]

Eban Pagan’s Guru Home Study Course Review

Eban Pagan’s Guru Home Study Course is an online marketing training program designed to help individuals build their business(es) online. Is this truly a step by step training course? And, can it truly help you build your business and brand YOU online? Here is a simple review of the training program. Eban Pagan’s Guru Home Study Course is an online marketing and mentoring training program designed by the highly successful marketer to help individuals find success online. The course does come with a high price tag as most so-called guru training programs do, but the system does offer some very unique strategies for the would-be online entrepreneur. The training program itself as Eban would say does come with much more “theory” than actual step by step tutorials on se...[Read More]

Internet Marketing and Promotion News

The latest news revolves around Internet marketing. The traditional four “P’s ” of marketing now with three added for “services” marketing have all revised themselves and included the Internet as a powerful medium and marketing tool and discusses the way it has revolutionized the very function of sales and marketing. Earlier, product, price, place and promotion; the four P’s of standard marketing is augmented by people, physical evidence and process concentrated on the core marketing activities ranging from the various internal to external strategies. But today, Internet marketing and promotion has earned all the accolades. Year 2009 has passed and has bequeathed serious responsibility of economic reforms to the year 2010. Though it has laid a strong fou...[Read More]

4 Trends That Define Future Of Mobile App Development

With huge numbers of people downloading smartphones and mobile applications every other day, mobile app development has undoubtedly become one of the innovative and actively growing sectors. Google apps, social media, and gaming apps are arguably dominating the mobile application market. Besides, many giants are using mobile applications for branding, for direct marketing, to engage more customers, among many other reasons; and small and midsize businesses have also shifted towards the mobile trend. An effective mobile strategy is more than a mobile-friendly website. Mobile app development is driven by advancements in technology, thus businesses need to have a vision for upcoming few years. Here are some trends which will determine the future of mobile app development: 1. Devices, You Can ...[Read More]

Superior Marketing Usually Trumps Superior Product

The largest selling mouthwash brand in the world is Proctor & Gamble's Scope. In second position is the very popular and familiar Listerine. These products enjoy massive sales and international distribution. They command dominant shelf positioning in retailers large and small. There are very few households that do not utilize one of these products to fight halitosis. And yet, a better product, scientifically verified, and the brand that invented the term "halitosis" to describe bad breath is terribly forgotten. Once a huge seller, Lavoris has declined precipitously in consumer popularity. Why? Originally Lavoris was used as an antiseptic during the Civil War. Formulated utilizing the ingredient Zantrate, Lavoris was first marketed as a mouthwash in 1903. Zantrate is a pat...[Read More]