Breaking Magnetic Symmetry, Let There Be Light (Part 3)


You may wonder why work CANNOT be harnessed from Permanent Magnets. Yes, the Universe does appear to be governed by a set of rules. But, guess what – we’ve hardly a clue what many of those actually are. Yes, Science is better than ignorance.

Accepting the premise that energy cannot be created or destroyed. It certainly can be reused over and over again. Energy is often not thought of in this fashion, it’s never consumed or “used up”. When you use energy to perform work, you either diverge or spread it out, change its form, or a combination of both.

You still have all the energy remaining, after the work has been accomplished. So by simply capturing and recycling that energy, you can re-use it again, it does re-converge. The Law of Entropy and classical Thermodynamics without reservation assume single-pass energy collection. This activity then would not violate the law; it would just violate an assumption. It would not apply to the collecting and reusing process.

A magnetic system can quite naturally collect energy from the same space simultaneously and over and over again. The emitted energy from the multi-collection process can be of a higher density than the operator is inputting. A coefficient-of-performance then would obviously be greater than one (COP>1) as measured by conventional means. The COP method of energy measurement is often confused with efficiency, which is inappropriate, and fails to correctly identify the performance.

We continue to use terms like “apparent” input of energy, which now should be reconsidered. Does a wind turbine or solar panel have no apparent input of energy?

Many also think that: “You cannot break the Lorentz Symmetry in your circuit or system, and thus violate the present Electrical Engineering Model, you will not, and cannot produce COP>1.0 via excess ‘free’ EM energy utilized from the vacuum.” I think Symmetry can be broken, replaced with anisotropy.

It’s believed that: “Permanent magnets cannot perform work, that would violate the first and second Laws of Thermodynamics. The game is over, they just can’t work. It’s not a matter of looking for the one special arrangement that works among millions that don’t. There is exactly ZERO arrangements that work”. It probably comes to no surprise, I don’t agree with this statement.

It’s also accepted that: “The EMF induced in an electric circuit always acts in such a direction that the current it drives around a closed circuit produces a magnetic field which opposes the change in magnetic flux.” I believe the virtual equal and opposite actions can be nullified or modified.

It’s generally accepted that: “The normal field from a magnet as a bar with two opposite poles, one each end, only produces a conservative field. That is, when one integrates the force from that field around a closed path, the overall net force sums to a Vector ZERO. Hence, NO work can be performed.”

Simply put, it takes as much “work” to separate two magnets as the repelling power they may offer – more with friction. So you end up with less than you began with, not more. A motor uses an electro-magnet, allowing one to “turn off” the opposing pole, or on – allowing it to perform work (at the expense an energy input of course). I believe Vector Zero can be overcome. This can be accomplished without violating Thermodynamic Laws, although we may have to tread on a few incorrect, “assumptions”.

If you have viewed my recent You-Tube video related to the magnetic aspect of this article, it may require further explanation. Please reference the video, “Can Magnets Perform Work?” (bdsolar), it offers an actual demonstration of what is discussed here.

Of course we all know: “Present science says it’s NOT possible, that acceleration of an object via Permanent Magnets without ‘LOCK-UP’, demonstrating net gain of energy with NO apparent input of energy.” Ah, there’s a rub. Perhaps, if we break Symmetry?

Let us examine more closely what is occurring in our magnetic track model in the video, that we cannot “see”. First, we have Asymmetric Dual static Permanent Magnets that create an attraction permanent magnetic field, and Dual asymmetric PM Back-Drag that is understood as balanced, or symmetrical.

Everything appears, and behaves static, locked in place. It’s just what you would expect from combining hundreds of the world’s strongest Neodymium magnets. In this model, the magnetic attraction is so strong; one cannot separate the magnets by hand. Two Tesla is developed in many areas. This “static” condition exists between the rotor and track stator at every point.

However, the overall creations of every magnetic field, including the ones within the rotor itself, are carefully positioned. When the electrical conducting and magnetic rotor enters the “field” and begins to move all conditions change! The track rail (stator) is also an electrical conductor (static field) and the Moving Dual Permanent Magnets induce a Motional EMF and cause currents to flow.

Yes, this creates an electromagnetic field, actually several. The first is the space-filling electric field generated by a changing magnetic field, the second is the electric field inside a conductor when it moves through a magnetic field. These two forces join to create an asymmetric situation. This allows a torque that is in our favor; the first imbalances in the symmetry have begun!

Yet another is the magnet alloy material rotating through its own magnetic field, which does not rotate with the physical elements. A rotating conductive magnet is detectable by the electric field produced when its free charges separate radially, due to the force produced by rotation of the conductor within its own magnetic field. All of these actions are taking place simultaneously. The spinning and the movement is magnetically induced and sustained just as in nature. The likeness of a universal macro effect dynamo has been created at a micro scale with numerous asymmetrical induced changes.

The magnetic field and electric field are inseparable. I would go so far as to say they are virtually the same entity, yet they do coexist. It’s another dichotomy that stretches the limitations of the human mind. Duality of energetic matter allows formations to simultaneously occupy two different realms.

Two mutually exclusive characteristics. Using Special Relativity, the electric and magnetic fields are two aspects of the same thing. A changing magnetic field is mathematically the same as a moving magnetic field. So part of it is manifested as an electric field component. It’s apparent this multiple existence is not limited to two only fields of energy, but many fields simultaneously.

The relative motion is quite a significant factor. A time varying magnetic field creates an electric field, and the induced current within the electric field creates a magnetic field. This electromagnetic field interacts with the permanent magnet just as another PM would. The moving magnet assemblies create a virtual electromagnet, when it moves within the correct proximity of a conductor.

A force between a permanent-magnet and a permanent-magnet can be made equivalent to that between current-element and current-element. Continuous rotational motion is possible between multiple PMs, contrary to conclusions, which may seem to violate certain physics principals. As stated by Einstein, it is known that Maxwell’s Electrodynamics, as understood when applied to moving bodies, leads to asymmetries, which do not appear to be inherent in the phenomena.

How about another set of electric-magnetic fields, from the dynamics of a slowly accelerating electron from rotation. As quickly as this all begins the first magnetic back-drag and potential magnetic lock-up would normally be felt on the rotor, immediately slowing and abruptly stopping the rotor. However, the magnetic pole back-drag normally experienced with permanent magnets, which prevents an object from continuous motion, and the magnetic lock-up that stops all motion, is overcome by the overall effect of the numerous multiple induced secondary currents.

Combined forces create a uniform asymmetric field well exceeding the drag and preventing the magnetic lock-up. The effects of back-drag virtually cease to exist and lockup does not occur. As explained, the multiple dual sets of induced electromotive effects are due to the permanent magnets rotation, plus the rotor-conductors motion relative to the asymmetric stators permanent magnetic fields.

The process further reinforces the magnets, which cause more current to be generated. The electric currents, once started, are then sufficient to sustain themselves and even increase in strength and torque. The phenomenon appears to perform much as a natural dynamo or spiral in space does. If these actions actually eliminate the potential back-drag, or simply overcome this force is not certain – the results are the same.

Source by Barry Dean

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