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Business Model YOU – Book Review

Business Model YOU – Book Review

By: Tim Clark (2012)

ISBN 978-1-118-15631-5

Book Price: $33.95

Gifted teacher/trainer, entrepreneur

Tim Clark is a gifted teacher/trainer and entrepreneur. He is an international bestselling author, who holds master’s and doctorate degrees in business, and is currently serving as a visiting professor at the University of Tsukuba in Tokyo. Tim presently leads the personal Business model movement at…

Define yourself through a business model perspective

Tim Clark presents 5 sections (Canvas, Reflect, Revise, Act & Extras) as he reveals his model “You” perspective. He shares the following ideas: “Business model thinking… ” (Ch. 1), “Identify your career purpose” (Ch. 5), “Get ready to reinvent yourself” (Ch. 6), “Calculate your business value” (Ch. 8), and much more.

Building your personal life/business model

Tim Clark communicates and educates using definitions, clear illustrations, and practical examples. He is concise and comprehensive in his approach, sharing with clinical precision. He defines a business model as, “At the most basic economic level, a business model is the logic by which an organization sustains itself financially.”

In an effort to help readers to create their perfect profession, Clark applies a business approach to help his audience to redefine their lives. He uses bold statements to persuade, stating, “Dream jobs are more often created than found, so they’re rarely attainable through conventional searches.” He promotes proactive activity.

Tim employs quotations to impress points. In discussing the identification of career purpose he quotes Bruce Hazen saying, “If you don’t realign your work with your purpose, you’re just going to relocate that problem… ” And from Carmine Gallo he states, “Only three percent of all people have the courage to find and follow their dreams… “

Clark provokes with prodding questions as, “Do you enjoy your Customers? Who is your most important Customer? Do you need new Customers? What elements of your services are truly valued by the Customer?”

Bottom-line thinking focuses readers upon results. Tim Clark suggests, “… all organizations need viable.. models, and “viable” means more cash comes in than goes out… ” How will you establish this in your life/business?

Interactive-personal model process

Tim Clark helps readers to reformat their lives through an interactive-personal model process.


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