Business plan in hindi


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  1. study with chanchal says

    chk notes in description box


    mukesh modi

  3. Antiques Collector says


  4. Abhimanyu Vasant says

    elaborate bahut acche se kiya hai…but say page….not pase

  5. Chandan Singh says

    Pahale aap khud samajh Lo madam
    Aap kahana kya chahati Ho ?

  6. raj bhai says

    Why are you nervous? Be confident.

  7. Chetna Raikwar says

    Mukesh modi..was litt

  8. Mes Faizal says

    Thank you mam it was very helpful

  9. Abhishek Meena says

    Nice video 😍

  10. Raja tayyab Tayyab says

    very nice methods

  11. waqar hassni says

    Notes are Not available in the description

  12. anil rokade says

    Very simple and sweet way for business plan

  13. Mangesh Sharma says

    Thank you ma'am aapne meri bahoot help isse samjh ne me thank you a lot…..👍

  14. Viral Content says

    Special tnxxxxx

  15. Muhammad Arif says

    Mukesh Modi

  16. Sher Ali Tashfin says

    Ma'am can you help to write business plan

  17. Subham Bakshi says

    Need to talk business whatsApp (6377800327)

  18. Rahul Dhas says

    How much your age 😂

  19. Lokesh saini says


  20. Lokesh saini says

    Mukesh modi🤣🤣🤣👌👌👌

  21. Diwan Jamshed khan says

    More Resources for Business module

  22. mohammad Mohammad says

    right chanchal MODI ight

  23. HIten Pradhan says

    Sweet Voice 😍 with Useful Information … Thanks u 🙏

  24. Pakhi Das says

    modi sbka piyara..hain..😁😁

  25. FIROJ MULANI says

    Demo plyan dikhana graphics main ditelis

  26. rana mohsin says

    thank you

  27. Tophan Pradhan says

    Mukesh modi😒

  28. Dhruva Debbarma says

    Yes Mukesh Modi😂😂😂😂

  29. viraj shelar says

    barabar kaha apne MUKESH MODI.
    MUKESH Ambani ko sponsor toh MODI hi kar raha hai.
    toh MUKESH MODI hona hi hai hahahahaa

  30. Aman kumar says

    Don't feel sorry modi ne hi kiya hai😆😆

  31. varsha singh says

    u teach very well
    me jyadatr apke hi notes padhti hu thank u for u devotion….

  32. Vikash Kisku says

    Can we write executive summary at the first point to make business plan quite attractive???.. because investors don't have time to go through all the points…

  33. New thoughts says

    Mukesh modi
    Chanchal om modi lg rhi hain ap bhi

  34. saravan chandrapal says

    Mukesh Modi 😂

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