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The Value of Strategic Planning in Startup Businesses

I was browsing through a local bookstore the other day and picked up a book on business and success written by a young internet millionaire. The author was a programmer in his mid-twenties that, to his credit, had found a niche algorithm that, in rather short order, caught the eye and interest of Google. With this success under his belt and plenty of money in the bank, the author felt compelled to share his method of success with the rest of us. I’m sure his intentions were good, but his lack of any broad experience in multiple environments quickly jumped off the pages. As I thumbed through the book I came across his thoughts on strategic planning. Much to my chagrin, his advice on this mission critical topic was startlingly simple; don’t bother to plan, just do it. The author ...[Read More]

Are Your Prepared for These Year End Income Tax Issues?

Over the course of the year, I’m sure you’ve noticed the ridiculous way our Congress has acted to update our tax laws. By including tax code provisions in a highway bill, a mass transit bill, and a trade package bill- plus within the Bipartisan Budget Act and the PATH (Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes) Acts. (Those last two were, indeed, logical places to regulate taxes.) There is a chance that the lame duck Congressional session may act on some tax regulations, but given that these folks work about 1 day a week- and then complain how many lazy folks are out across the US not entering the workforce (that is the pot calling the kettle black)- I am not sanguine they will. So, unless they do- this will be the last year that mortgage insurance will be deductible and foreclosed h...[Read More]

Starting an Appliance Parts Business Online

If you are considering the possibility of starting up an appliance parts business, there are a couple of things you need to take into consideration in order to ensure that the business picks up. Some of these are as highlighted below. Business Plan This is the first thing you need to do and while at it, you might be temped to think that you don’t have what it takes to handle it. However, this is far from the case and with a little dedication, you can shape the plan to meet your specific goals. Evaluate Competition If there is any other supplier in your locality, it is advisable to take some time and evaluate what they have to offer and what makes them popular. Known all your competitors and you will get a clearer picture of what to offer your clients and remain a step ahead of compet...[Read More]

Vending Machine Financing – Funding For Your Vending Business Startup

Due to the generally low startup costs involved with vending compared to other industries it is not a sensible idea to go too far into debt right away. You may need access to credit at a later date to see you through tough times or to expand so it is best to use savings to cover startup costs if possible. However if your starting capital is insufficient you could consider one of the vending machine financing options below. Financing from Family and Friends If you do need funding then a loan from friends or family would be the best way to go. If they have a lot of trust in you and you are sincere with them this arrangement can work well. If things go bad though you can risk losing a lot more than your business. Investors Alternatively you could look at taking on an investor and giving them ...[Read More]

Role of a Web Development Company in Shaping the Future of Your Business

Every business exists to achieve some goals and realize their objectives. For some, physical presence does the trick while for others, online remains the best place to find prospects. We know the web is growing at a rapid rate and in such a scenario, no enterprise can ignore the digital world and its amazing benefits. However, it takes a quality website to take the business online and put it in the league of industry leaders. The website has to be designed and developed keeping in mind the changing tastes and preferences of users of modern age. Further, the website will be a link between your business and its prospects as it conveys information and draws attention. Its sole purpose is to help promote products, services and ethos of the business to a bigger and wider market. More importantl...[Read More]

Orlando Investment Property: Will the Purchase of US Property Help to Obtain a US Residency Visa?

The question whether purchasing US property helps to obtain US residency is somewhat confusing, for paradoxically both a yes and no answer can apply. With many British people seeking such a "bought after" status here is what I have found from my experience involving British buyers. The E investor visa application is the most popular reserve route with immigrants for a suitable new or established US business venture provides a reliably easy path. However careful research and planning will be necessary to avoid a costly and disappointing exit. With many British buying vacation homes in Florida for rental and investment reasons, many ask if their property purchase can help them to obtain US permanency status. Anyone expecting a visa based on the purchase of a single US home will be ...[Read More]

Seven Step Viral Virtual Property Instant Business Action Plan

Viral marketing has proven to be one of the most successful marketing strategies of the 21st century. A new idea combines viral marketing with virtual property to generate a substantial online income. Welcome to the dawn of the virtual property tycoon. What is viral marketing? The phrase ‘viral marketing’, I believe, was coined by the creators of Every email that was sent from a Hotmail address had “get your own hotmail address” at the bottom. The result was word of their service spread exponentially around the internet. Loads of people subscribed and Hotmail was soon sold for over one hundred million to and are other obvious examples of viral marketing. The common denominator here is that these businesses set someth...[Read More]

Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP Failure Top 10 Challenges

With many information technology projects considered failures during the last decade, where do we go from here? When considering implementation of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), an organization must determine the best solution for their business operations. Overcoming the challenges presented is critical to have successful implementation of an ERP solution. It's interesting that many failed ERP implementations have much in common with other large scale IT failures. The following are challenges that have led to troubled, or failed, ERP projects and programs: Large scale endeavors affect many departments and business processes. ERP impacts financial areas such as billing, payroll, and core business operations. ERP implementations are time consuming, long term projects and complex sy...[Read More]

A Business Without A Plan Is Like A Ship Without A Rudder

Do you have an idea for a product or service? Would you like to start a business? If so you will want to read this article. Here’s the good news: Every product or service ever invented by mankind started as an idea. An intangible thought impulse that was turned into reality through the efforts of one or more people working together in an intelligent and harmonious manner. Behind those successful ideas were organized written plans–business plans that laid the foundation and illustrated the path to success for the business owner and investors who funded the project. Then, those plans coupled with the burning desire of the entrepreneur to see the project through to completion is what helps to make a business succeed. The key words in this paragraph are idea, plans, burning desire....[Read More]

Four Steps to Accelerate International Business Growth

US exports continue to grow, but many American companies lack the international business know-how to capitalize on this potential source of increased sales and profits. Proliferating trade agreements and a weakened US dollar have replied in one of the most favorable export markets in decades. Foreign importers of US goods report an increasing demand for US products – from popcorn to pet food. The US has enjoyed 11 straight quarters of increasing exports – yet with 95 percent of the world's population residing outside of US borders and an increasing promising international sales outlook, experts are asking why only 5 percent of US companies are currently exporting. But how do we initiate and sustain growth in unfamiliar markets? 1. DEFINE STRATEGIC NEEDS Tapping into new mar...[Read More]

Are You Starting a Business? Here Are Some Tips For You

So, 8 out of 10 people nowadays want to start their own business. I am not surprised. Every individual has his/her vision and some set of explicit skills. It is always a wise choice to showcase your talent and skills in your way. No harm in it. Think in this way, your company, your ideas, your vision, your product, your faith. If you blend your vision with hard work & determination, no one can stop you in making your idea a reality. But, always ask yourself “Am I going to add any tangible value to other’s life or business with my vision/product?” If the answer is “Yes”, go for it. Entrepreneurship is not a fancy journey. You have to wear multiple hats at the beginning. A founder, a sales guy, a brand builder, a smart recruiter, an accounts expert as well ...[Read More]

How To Start A Roasted Corn Business

Corn roasting is a simple yet very profitable small investment business. The successful corn roasters make full time living working just the summer months. To start a roasted corn business you will need to acquire permits and business licenses from the health department and from the state. The following is a typical checklist to start your business. 1. Decide the size and the scale of the operation. 2. Decide on the menu for your concession business. 3. Purchase your equipment and tools. 4. Register your business. 5. Apply and obtain all the required licenses and permits needed to run a food concession business. 6. Secure events and have fun running your concession stand. Permits, Licenses, and Inspection Every state has laws governing business licenses and permits. Most likely, you will h...[Read More]

Now Is the Time To Break Into the US Market and Sell Your Products and Services

Some have said that the Trump Administration has made the US is an unfriendly place to do business for foreign companies. The political opposition says that the threat of tariffs and trade wars causes uncertainty in global markets and is not good for the US economy. Those who call themselves ‘traditional free traders’ have sided with Trump’s political opposition, at least temporarily. Personally, I see just the opposite. First, I see more foreign money coming into the US market to seize the opportunities of low corporate tax rates, and as a way to avoid potential tariffs. Further, I see temporary tariffs as a shot over the bow that the US will not be played with unbalanced trade agreements or lack of fair trade agreements. These temporary trade tariffs will bring billions...[Read More]

Resolutions to Increased Sales and Improved Customer Service

It’s the end of the year and time to reflect on your successes and failures in 2016. What lead to improved sales and customer satisfaction in your business, social media, and marketing plan? What did you do in 2016 that had little or negative effect on your business? Before you create your 2017 business plan, keep in mind your successes and failures during the past year. Your plan should include: previously successful and new routines, goals, weekly to do list, outline of a monthly and annual plan, and your desired income. A business plan is a plan of action created to ensure all avenues are being used for success. Many business plans start with the end goal. For instance, the goal may be $300,000 in sales revenue. When creating the business plan, you must carefully consider your str...[Read More]

Business Planning – Reducing the Risk of Failure by Developing a Low Cost Strategy

Many people believe that the risk of failure in starting a business on a low budget is a little high but I believe even a business with low budget can prosper if you can devise an intelligent strategy and stick to it. Just taking care of a few issues will eliminate the chances of failure. The economic situation of today’s world is not the best therefore many Guru’s would not advise you to start a business in a middle of economic turn down. Others have a completely different point of view and they consider this time to be an ideal opportunity to establish your business. Entering the market at a time with a low budget when many potential competitors have taken their eye off the business ball does make sense. Low budget does not mean only mean spending less but it also means spend...[Read More]