BYD electric pick-up truck to rival Geely Radar RD6


An electric pick-up truck by BYD has been spied undergoing tests, according to China PEV, and the upcoming model could debut next year with fully electric as well as hybrid powertrains, according to the publication.

This could be a rival to the Radar RD6 from the Geely group, a fully electric dual-cab pick-up truck based on the Geely Haoyue VX11 SUV that will form the basis of the Proton X90 seven-seater SUV that is set to debut next year.

According to Car Expert, BYD plans to build a “powerful brand matrix” consisting of brands BYD for its core line-up, Denza for the premium segment, Yangwang for the luxury SUV segment and “another new brand”. BYD’s electric pick-up truck will come under the latter, which the company says will specialise in “professional and personalised identities, covering family cars and luxury cars,” it said.

Geely Radar RD6

In other words, the electric pick-up truck from BYD could take on workhorse roles typical of the segment, in addition to the recreational, lifestyle slant that the Radar RD6 appears to be aimed towards. This will likely feature BYD’s in-house developed safety-oriented Blade EV battery, which resisted emitting smoke and catching fire while undergoing nail penetration tests, which will be handy for the rigours of pick-up truck use.

“The brand will harness the co-creation with users and warmly welcome all the franchised dealerships to join BYD for its promotion,” said speculation cited by Car Expert.

In Malaysia, BYD will be holding a grand launch for Atto 3 from December 9 to 11, 2022 in Bandar Malaysia, and is one of a number of BYD models which have been earmarked for launch in Malaysia, the others being the Seal/Atto 4 and the Dolphin/EA1.

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