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Can I Find a Keurig Coffee Machine in Asia?

Can I Find a Keurig Coffee Machine in Asia?

It is not so much about the keurig coffee machine but rather the coffee from this company that you would want to find in Asia. If you are based in Asia, you can get a b30 which you can bring easily into Asia, but the question is where to look for the k-cups.

Some of you might be thinking about online purchase, almost everywhere that you go to, it should have an internet connection right? While, it is true that Asia is very wired and you would have no issue in surfing the net, there is still the country regulation to take note of.

Every country has their own version of what is allowed and what would be prevented into their country. And usually, when they are in doubt or the item are not listed, they would simply not allowed the products into their country.

And single serve coffee is not a very popular item in this region yet, so the chances are quite high that the k-cups that you purchased would not pass through custom.

These are gloomy news, but you do not have to worry about it. This is because, keurig has formed a partnership with UCC to roast and market their coffee in this part of the world.

UCC or Ueshima Coffee Company is a very well known coffee company in Asia. Other than being the largest regular coffee company in Asia, it is also very well established with close to 70 years of coffee roasting and marketing history.

And when they formed this joint venture, you would practically find this coffee in most parts of Asia where coffee enjoy huge following. And as a foreigner based in Asia, these are also the places that you would most likely be based.

The country where it is being marketed includes Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Korea, Taiwan and China. These are countries that have a huge market of local coffee drinkers and are also places where many expatriates are based.

So, these are the places where you find your machine and the coffee that you enjoyed. In fact, if you are not in these places, I believe most of the places are close enough that you can make a weekend trip to pick it up.


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