Casio Beams A Rainbow Of Multi-Coloured Full-Metal G-SHOCK Watches!


A shock of colour is on your way, watch enthusiasts! Casio has announced the release of the newest additions to its family of G-SHOCK shock-resistant watches.

The four new models — the GMW-B5000PC, GMW-B5000BPC, GM-B2100PC, and GM-B2100BPC — are full-metal timepieces with faces adorned with a colourfully-varied range of hues and gradations. These designs were made to express the character it takes for every diverse individual to keep pursuing their own special form of toughness.

The GMW-B5000, with its iconic form inherited from the very first G-SHOCK, and the GM-B2100, featuring a simple design and an octagonal bezel, are two full-metal models which have been favourites around the world. The four new shock-resistant timepieces all feature forms based on the popular GMW-B5000 and GM-B2100 models, but are now multi-coloured with diverse hues and gradations.

Casio has established G-SHOCK as a brand known for expressing individual character by creating watches featuring not only shock resistance, but also innovative designs and colour schemes. The faces of the four new watches employ multi-hued colour schemes and gradations taking inspiration from everyone whose diverse, individual character guides their determined quest for toughness.

GMW-B5000PC & GMW-B5000BPC: Blue/Green Gradation

Blue/green gradation achieved with glass vapor deposition decorates the perimeter of the digital face. The feature indications and the perimeter’s inner frame line incorporate red, yellow and other accent colours to create a colourfully expressive look.

GM-B2100PC & GM-B2100BPC: Colour Gradation On Hands & Index Marks

The dial features a base tone of black, with colour gradation adorning the hour marks and watch hands. The GM-B2100PC employs purple/blue gradation, and the GM-B2100BPC, warm-hued orange/red gradation, both of which nicely complement the black components. Diverse colours are also applied to the index marks to achieve a beautiful colour scheme with a sense of unity.

For more, visit the G-SHOCK website

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