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Cedrick Harris Drop Card Marketing Strategy

Cedrick Harris Drop Card Marketing Strategy

I have been in traditional network marketing for over three years before I switched to internet marketing. I have always been using visitor cards to introduce myself and to spread the word of mouth about my biz. About a month ago, I happened to attend a training call by a top earner in my attraction marketing system. In this Call, Cedrick Harris talked about his most lethal offline attraction marketing strategy – Drop Cards and how to market these cards successfully along with online attraction marketing strategies.

What are Drop Cards? Drop cards alias Dollar cards are business cards that gets noticed instantly. For example, What would you do if you find a $100 bill on your path? I don’t know about you but I would consider it as a great day and pocket it instantly. My point here is that our eyes tends to notice dollar bills very easily.

Cedrick talked about the phenomenal success he was having with drop cards- larger the value of dollar bill, greater are the results. These are not actual dollar bills. They look like a dollar bill in the front with your message in the back.

I personally started marketing $100 bills using the strategies mentioned by Cedrick and have been generating 10-20 leads per week. These techniques are so darn easy and does not take any extra time of yours. These techniques would really work well only if you have your own custom website instead of a replicated corporate website and are implementing attraction marketing techniques.

There are lot of companies out there specializing in drop card design and can deliver them for you cost effectively. However, as with any other attraction marketing strategy, you need to implement it right if you want your leads to chase you instead of you chasing them

How to become the hunted instead of hunter

As with any other marketing strategy, we need to drive traffic to our website and should be able to convert the incoming traffic into a prospect/Sale. So, How do we drive huge traffic to your website using these dollar cards strategy?

We all have a limited circle of influence and can distribute these cards to only certain number of people we know. Then, what do we do? As name suggests, we need to drop these cards at places to grab immediate attention. And how can we do it to attract the targeted audience?

Now, Lets say, we got curiosity of the person picking up the card. How do we drive him to your website? Simple, we need to address his needs and provide a solution for the problem addressed at your website. The easiest way to make a person take action is to ask him yes questions in the message provided on the drop card.

This sounds too good to be real. Isn’t it? Even I thought the same way in the beginning. I want to share with you a technique I implement from my home office. Do you get junk mails? How many of them do you get per week? I get many junk mails and was very liberal in cursing the corporations sending them. Recently, I learnt that there are people employed to just scan through the replies sent to those junk mails. These people are looking for a way out of their job and are perfect candidates for your MLM business. I just put a drop card in the return envelope with free postage and send it back. Now, I thank the companies sending the junk mails and wish they could send more.

I do agree that it is not the coolest marketing strategy but delivers phenomenal results if used consistently along with your online attraction marketing strategies.


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