Chery Omoda 5 rear axle case closed – ‘I’m satisfied with the condition of the vehicle,’ says customer


The Chery Omoda 5 rear axle case is closed, according to the customer whose car suffered a malfunction, and which case went viral.

“I would like to share that Chery Malaysia and I have resolved the incident and my complaint. I have inspected the vehicle and am satisfied with the condition of the vehicle. I’m glad that Chery Auto Malaysia has been helpful and quick in resolving the matter responsibly and amicably. Thanks everyone for your concern; the matter is now closed,” customer Stephanie posted on Facebook.

Following the episode that went viral in late April, Chery said that 60 units of the Omoda 5 in Malaysia were identified to be using the affected rear axle, produced on August 15, 2023. The company then decided to cast a wider net and recall vehicles with parts made between August 14 and 17, totalling 600 units.

The root cause of the issue was identified to be a miscalibration of welding equipment at a vendor. “Following a comprehensive investigation, the vendor reported that the issue was due to a facility upgrade during which a worn-out tip of the automated welding machine was replaced by a new welding tip. The replacement of the new welding tip resulted in a miscalibration of the equipment,” Chery Auto Malaysia VP Lee Wen Hsiang explained in May.

All 600 customers have been contacted and as of May 24, Chery had completed 92% of inspections, so by now it should be pretty much case closed on the recall, replacement and inspection front as well.

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