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Choosing the Best Business Plan Software

Choosing the Best Business Plan Software

Knowing that your business plan will be an important piece to your business success you want to be sure that it is written in the best possible manner and if you are not sure where to start then it may be worth your while to consider using business plan writing software. While you can look through the endless number of software programs at your local office supply store or sift through the many reviews online, this process will still leave you with some question marks.

There are indeed many choices for you, but there are four business plan software programs in particular that seem to come up in all the top ten lists and have many wonderful online reviews from customers who have used the programs with much success. These business plan software programs include:

• BizPlan Builder: BizPlan Builder was rated a best buy from PC World and there software offers a one, two, three approach to creating your plan. With BizPlan Builder you simply fill in some blanks of sentences using Microsoft Word and Excel, use their PowerPoint template to help perfect your investor pitch, and compile and print your personal business plan. The ease of use and dramatic results make BizPlan Builder one of the best software programs in the industry.

• Business Plan Pro: With 500 plus templates and two versions to choose from Business Plan Pro is always a favorite among the reviews. The software has been top rated for the past ten years and has even been feared in the Wall Street Journal. They have over one million happy customers to show for their 15 plus years and their software is some of the most user-friendly you will find.

• Business PlanMaker: Business PlanMaker offers a step by step interview approach to helping you build your business plan. They have many samples to help guide you and if you are stuck and at a loss for what to say they have suggested phrases to use. When you are ready to publish your plan you can do so in your preferred format whether that may be e-mail, Microsoft Word, or the like.

• PlanWriter: PlanWriter helps you complete your plan with their wizard that guides you through the entire process. With a complete library of samples and three version of the software to choose from PlanWriter gets top billing from many reviews including Newsweek.

While you can continue your search for business plan software you are not going to find any others that have the rave reviews that these four do. Any software program can claim to be the best and designations and endorsements are nice too, but when you really want to know which ones work best you look to the reviews of the people who have experienced the software.

With the wonderful tools that business softwares include and the helpful hints and guides to take you through the process, getting business writing software is a no brainer if you do not feel 100 percent confident in creating your plan on your own.


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