Coin Microscope – Chop Marks, Mint Marks, and More! A Coin Collector’s Dream!


I tried out my new coin microscope and got an up close look at Morgan Dollar and Peace Dollar mint marks. I also used it to investigate some really cool chop marks on some 8 Reales coins. These Spanish coins minted in Mexico were the world’s currency for many many years. These particular coins with cop marks have obviously been to “The Far East,” but can anyone help me decipher the origin of any of them? I hope you enjoy this video that not only will save my eyes, but make my videos much more interesting as I can see details so much better! As always, thanks for watching!

Product name:TOMLOV DM202 SE Soldering Microscope
Discount:5% off
Original price: $219.99
Discount price: $208.99
Extra coupon: USD $30
Start Date:2023-6-20 04:001 PDT
Expire Date:2023-7-19 23:59 PDT

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