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Common Type of Web Hosting – Which One to Choose?

Common Type of Web Hosting – Which One to Choose?

When you want to launch a website or run a blog, in spite of the fact that whether you have your own registered domain name or working with a 3rd party domain, the foremost important thing is to select the best host that is according to your website needs.

While thinking about getting your site or blog hosted, the first step is to decide that what kind of package you want. There are three main types of options that can be availed for this purpose.

• Free Of Cost Web Hosting

• Shared Web Hosting

• Dedicated Web Hosting

Free Of Cost Web Hosting

If you are a beginner and don’t have much money to invest for blogging and putting various websites together just for the sake of time pass or as a hobby then this option suits you. But on the other hand the demerits of free web hosting are that you will have to place your host’s ads on your website or blog, you will have to share the resources with lots of other users, there may be an issue of server down time with very little or no technical support. And the biggest issue is that your domain will also contain the host’s domain name.

Shared Web Hosting

In this type of services, many websites use a single server along other web features.

This type of service is quite economical to have you own domain name and email id e.g. younrame [at]

In shared web hosting you would not have a separate server dedicated for you only; rather you would have to share the server with various other domains or websites. Due to this it is a bit cheaper option. It’s a best solution for people who want an economical package having variety of services which may include packages ranging from single website to reseller hosting. You should be smart enough to select the best host that gives you trouble free services with good technical support.

Dedicated Web Hosting

If you own a multimedia website, having heavy data transmittal requirements or you are having a wide ecommerce based business, than you must be ready to pay more to get your own dedicated machine. In this type of services you will get a dedicated server for you own needs. It means that you will not have to share the resources with any on else.

Dedicated solution is recommended for resource hungry websites or website with huge traffic. It is one of the most expensive solution.


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