Customer Receives Fake IPhone 15 Pro Max From Apple


While it is far from a new phenomenon for people’s packages to either go missing mid-delivery or in transit, or replaced with entirely different content altogether by a dishonest individual, the stories that come out of these escapades are no less entertaining to hear or read. In the case of one Redditor who ordered an iPhone 15 Pro Max directly from Apple, their experience with the new “iPhone” was interesting.

The redditor, who goes by the handle theEdmard, told their story on Reddit: they ordered Apple’s top of the line iPhone 15 Pro Max model via the brand’s UK site. they then received confirmation emails from the fruit brand, as well as tracking details of his newly purchased phone, and therefore had no reason to suspect that the package would be anything but, when it arrived.

I got a fake iPhone 15 Pro from Apple – PSA
byu/theEdmard inapple

That clearly and obviously wasn’t the case to this story. Upon receiving the alleged iPhone 15 Pro Max, alarm bells began ringing with theEdmard with the package. Firstly, they noticed that the phone had a screen protector, which Apple doesn’t provide with its mobile device. Even worse, it wasn’t even the right screen protector.

Another hint at the authenticity of the “iPhone 15 Pro Max” was when they turned on the phone for the first time. Usually, OLED displays and its blacks on the 15 Pro line, would appear as perfect black. Instead, those areas simply lit up, hinting at the display being an LCD. Then there was the thicker than usual bezel of its chin.

(Image source: theEdmard.)

The final nail in the coffin of deception that the iPhone in theEdmard’s hand wasn’t the 15 Pro Max he paid for, was the UI. It was clear that the phone was an Android device, masked by an overlay that was betrayed only by the poor setup process that was very obviously unlike iOS. They added that many apps including Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok was already installed but worst was the camera app, which they say was like a slideshow that crashed, if you even attempted to use any UI element on screen.

How the redditor even received the product after they ordered it directly from Apple is most certainly a mystery, although it is likely that the phone may have been stolen during the packaging process. There is a light at the end of this tunnel though: theEdmard says that they contacted Apple support about the issue and from the looks of it, they’ll most certainly receive their iPhone 15 Pro Max. As for the original phone, the Cupertino company will likely just brick it.

(Source: Reddit via Techspot)

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