Customers willing to pay up to RM5k per day to rent luxury vehicles like a Porsche, Lamborghini this Raya


The car rental industry is facing high demand this festive season despite the current economic situation, with customers willing to pay up to RM5,000 a day to rent luxury vehicles. Speaking to Harian Metro, Hafiz Johari, the owner of Dino Car Rental, said he set began his car rental business as demand remained high, especially during festive seasons and school holidays.

Hafiz added that he started his new venture with seven partners after his electrical company wrapped up during the Covid-19 era, initially offering his own cars which were a Perodua Axia and Bezza. “Seeing the potential of this industry, my partners and I did not look back but instead expanded our services to include rental vehicles with drivers,” he told the new outlet.

To cover a wide range of budgets, Dino Car Rental offers six segment categories ranging from a rental rate of RM100 per day to RM5,000 per day. “We have six categories: budget, mid-range, luxury, lifestyle, SUVs and MPVs. The prices range from as low as RM100 per day to RM5,000 per day, with discounts on regular days for customers who make reservations for seven days,” Hafiz explained.

“During the festive season, there is demand for all segments, but the most popular choices are the Toyota Vellfire and Toyota Alphard, which have been fully booked since January due to their spacious design and comfort for long journeys, especially when traveling with large families and elderly passengers,” he added.

Local cars like the Bezza, Axia, Myvi and Alza, which are more affordable to rent, are preferred among those who migrated to the city, although there are customers who opt for something fancier. “Some prioritise style and are willing to pay high prices ranging from RM1,500 to RM5,000 per day to rent luxury vehicles such as the Ford Mustang, a BMW, a Mercedes-Benz, the Mercedes-AMG G63, Porsches and Lamborghinis,” Hafiz said.

“For those working abroad, they usually book for longer periods, up to a month, when returning for festive holidays,” he continued, noting that all Dino Car Rental vehicles have been fully booked for Hari Raya.

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