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Defining Sports Sponsorship and Brand Representation

Defining Sports Sponsorship and Brand Representation

Sports marketing is something that a person usually does not concern themselves with unless they are a sports enthusiast. That is because people see advertisements all the time and unless the advertisement can relate directly to the person, it will be ignored. People who have the job to promote sports are aware of this, and that is why they are constantly coming up with innovative ways to capture the attention of their sports fans and potential sports fans.

When it comes to sports marketing, it has been determined that the best way to capture someone’s attention is by providing them with a person who claims to enjoy the specific sport being advertised. However, this representative of the sport cannot be just anyone it must be someone whom the average person can relate to and respects. By having this type of representative the person will begin to pay attention to the advertising of the sport and possibly talk about it among their friends. This type of sports sponsorship is what the marketers in sports are hoping for when making their selection of representatives. Though sports enthusiasts believe that the sport alone should be enough to make people watch the game the companies which sponsor the sport are more interested in who will buy their products after the game has ended.

Sports sponsorship is a big strategy when it comes to who their customers will be because though it is typically the male gender which watches the game it is the female gender that goes shopping. That is why it is important to have representatives of specific sports advertising the city’s team on commercials. This type of advertisement will encourage the person who typically does not watch the game to take time out and watch it for a few minutes. Advertisers know that within a few minutes of watching the game people are able to see their banners during the game which can help to trigger someone going out to buy that specific product.

Additionally, there is a small chance that the potential sports fan will see a commercial advertising something that they may need at some point which they will later buy as the image of the game comes to mind. All of this marketing does not go to waste because it has been proven that people will buy specific brand products when they feel an attachment to the representative of the product’s brand.


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