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Delsey Luggage – Fast Facts a Top Brand Name

Delsey Luggage – Fast Facts a Top Brand Name

Delsey Luggage items are deemed innovative and creative. Its name alone has served and satisfied millions of consumers in countries around the globe. And with Delsey’s 90 years of existence, it has produced numerous Delsey luggage marked in superior quality.

Some fast facts about Delsey:

Delsy is tagged as the Number 2 luggage manufacturer in the world. It sells more than 4.5 million pieces of Delsey luggage in a year; about 8.5 pieces sold every

minute. Its presence is felt in 105 countries across 5 continents and owns 7 subsidiaries.

A highly successful company as it is, Delsey luggage’s hardside as well as their revolutionary softside designs are what made the company a worldwide leader in luggage manufacturing. The Delsey luggage collectionboasts of a wide array of styles from traditional beauty cases to backpacks, to closet opening garment bags, to handy cabin sized trolleys, to duffels on wheels, to computer cases; you name it, Delsey Luggage probably has it. They often promote their products as the choice of those individuals who are “born to move”.

The company offers Delsey luggage consumers around the globe a fuss free warranty and service policy. A dedicated effort to make sure that their customers maintain a high level of satisfaction with their products. Quality wise, all Delsey luggage are subjected to intense sets of quality trials which includes security, zipper, locks and tearing tests. So you can be sure, that all Delsey Luggage being sold in the market today are certified by the best quality analysts you can imagine.

Delsey luggage items are considered lightweight and their much talked about Helium line is as much as 40 percent lighter than its closest competitor. This means that a consumer has less weight to deal with without worrying about the loss of any feature or functionality. In fact, Delsey now has a lightweight logo which promotes their concept.

Not only that Delsey Luggage concept is revolutionary, they are also innovatively designed ,the products are built to last and is relatively priced lower than their competitors. Delsey’s helium line consists of products made up of graphite, the same material used in manufacturing golf clubs and tennis rackets. Its also boasts of several roomy compartments and outside pockets.

Delsey Luggage items has everything one could possibly wish to have in a luggage. Its price is comparatively lower than those of other brands but it packs with a lot of punch in terms of functionality and durability. Definitely worth your hard earned though. And because of its global presence, its easily available in most retail and online stores.


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