Desa Park City – The Next Mont Kiara?


Desa Park City was developed by Perdana ParkCity, a subsidiary of Sarawak-based timber company Samling Group. The land that this township was built on was once a rubber estate. The group bought this 473-acre land at RM200 millions, which translates to merely RM10 per square foot. Todays, a double storey terrace home in this neigboorhood could fetch as high as RM2 million, or RM800 per square feet. This shows an amazing price appreciation of over 80x in just over a decade!

When it comes to expatriate choice of homes in Kuala Lumpur, one would think of Mont Kiara. The exclusive neighborhood has been the top choice among expatriates over the years. But all this is about to change, as Desa Park City is gaining popularity among home dwellers lately. This trend is mainly due to its strategic location and uniquely designed homes which resemble those of European. Furthermore, many high-rise condos have been mushrooming in Mont Kiara lately, which reduce the exclusivity appeal of this once popular expat neighborhood.

Desa Park City offers several different concepts of living, which the developer named as Parkhomes, Lakeside Terraces, Garden Homes, and Parkfront Condos. Each offers different concept of living, such as home by the lake or home by the garden concepts. Among its offerings are Nadia Parkfront Condos, Nadia Parkhomes, Zenia Parkhomes, Safa Terraces, SouthLake Terraces, and Amelia Garden Homes.

One of the unique appeals of Desa Park City is its huge and beautiful lake situated in the middle of the neighborhood. This award winning community lake provides recreational activities to the residents, such as family picnic, lake fishing, jogging, and kite flying. Besides, there is also some commercial shops right next to the lake, providing much of the needed amenities to residents nearby.

If you are an expatriate working in Malaysia, Desa Park City might be a better choice compared to Mont Kiara. First, rental for landed homes are usually cheaper in Malaysia, which is the case for Desa Park City since most residential units are landed homes here. Second, Mont Kiara is already overcrowded with too many condominiums, hence if you prefer tranquil living by the lake, Desa Park City is a better choice. Last by not least, you can find almost anything within this self-contain township. Also, there is a plan to build a private hospital and international school within the neighborhood within the coming years.

If you intend to retire in Malaysia, getting a home in Desa Park City is also the best way to start with. The reason is Malaysia government has liberalized its law for foreigners purchasing local property, provided the price is RM500,000 (current exchange rate $1 to RM3.40) and above. Furthermore, via MM2H (Malaysia My Second Home) program, one can live in the country for indefinite time on a special Visa, provided you meet the guidelines.,


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