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A Full Moon And Baby Gender: Does The Moon’s Phases Have Any Affect On If You Have A Boy Or A Girl?

I often get questions about astrology and the moon’s cycles as it relates to baby gender. People often ask me if they’re more likely to conceive a boy or a girl baby if the moon is full or new. I will discuss my take on this in the following article. Does The Phase Of The Moon Affect Your Baby’s Gender?: Judging from the correspondence that I get, many people seem to believe that this is a possibility. I’m certainly not an expert in astrology or the moon’s cycles, but my research on this indicated that astrologers will tell you that if you ovulate and have intercourse within 24 hours of a full moon, you’re more likely to have a baby boy. But, if you ovulate and have intercourse within 24 hours of a new moon, you’re more likely to have a baby girl. ...[Read More]

Man-Made (Cultured) Diamonds – Myths vs Reality, 2007

The ability to grow true gem-grade diamonds in a lab has been a long standing goal of science and industry, and one that has been achieved on a limited basis over the past five years. Unfortunately most media publications are usually designed to sell articles, and thus often do not provide consumers with a true picture of the commercial reality and availability of lab-grown diamonds. Further, many sellers of diamond simulants (stones that look similar to diamond, but are not real diamond) exploit this knowledge gap as a way to deceptively sell their simulants as ‘lab-grown diamonds’. As the president of a company that has been involved with both lab-grown diamonds and diamond simulants for over seven years, and having seen the confusion many of these less than factual articles ...[Read More]

How Do I Fix My Sippy Cup When It is Leaking?

Moms are busy enough as it is and having to deal with a no-leak, no-spill sippy cup that isn’t supposed to leak or spill can be very upsetting. What’s a mom to do? There are several different styles of sippy cups. As such, some of the sippy cups have valves in them and some don’t. The newer styles come without valves and the older ones can now get replacement valves for their cups. Each cup has it’s benefits and drawbacks, however, overall, the sippy cups are among the most highly rated by moms and kids everywhere according to many of the blogs and reviews that you read. The first thing to check on your sippy cup is how the lid is fitting. There are threads on both the lid and on the cup that need to match up. If they don’t match up then the cup will leak. One...[Read More]

Douching to Increase Chances of a Baby Boy Conception

I often write about naturally choosing the gender of your baby. Most people know that douching can be an easy and inexpensive way to alter your body’s PH to make it more friendly for the gender that you prefer. Although this can be true, there is a lot of misconception out there. For example, many women have heard that douching with baking soda will get you a son. While the idea behind this is correct, baking soda alone is often not going to be enough. I’ll explain why that’s so in this article. I will also explain the correct way to use douching if you want a boy, and will offer you some other variables you’ll need to consider if you’re trying to conceive a boy baby. The Science Behind Douching To Conceive A Boy: You may know that douching is one tool to get ...[Read More]

Thing to Consider When Choosing a Forex Broker

The first particular step to your successful trading is to choose a Forex broker. There are many questions that must be answered before you are able to decide responsibly. Brokers' revenue and available information will not facilitate this decision. Below you will find information on the basic issues you may encounter when choosing a Forex broker and how to overcome those issues. You can not move forward without a forex broker, and choosing the right one is essential and highly important. This is the reason why this topic is one of the most discussed through Forex forums. Before you start trading Forex, you need to set up an account with a broker. The broker is essentially a mediator, individual or company that buys and sells orders according to the retailer. Brokers profit either from...[Read More]

Belly Bloat – How to Get Rid of Bloating Fast

What causes bloating? Mostly overeating, eating foods which do not agree with you thus producing excess gas, and constipation. Other causes include menstruation, food allergy/food intolerance and irritable bowel syndrome. Suffering from belly bloat is a common but annoying disorder. You feel uncomfortable, lethargic, unmotivated, embarrassed because of your bulging belly and the rumble it makes, and are sometimes in pain. Let us look at how to stop bloating and the basic lifestyle changes you can implement which are especially effective if you feel bloated after eating. Stop overeating Eat smaller, more frequent meals for better health and a bloat-free waistline. Change your eating habits Eating quickly increases pressure on your stomach and produces more gas. Sit down, chew your food well...[Read More]

A Detailed Guide to Crankbait Fishing For Bass

When it comes to fishing crankbaits, there are always a million questions, with just about as many answers. Some of the common questions of what kind, what colors, when and where to use them, are going to be answered in this guide. There will always be new products and new ideas that may or may not work, but hopefully the following guide will give you the answers to most of the questions that are constantly being asked by the beginner to the advanced angler. “WHAT ARE CRANKBAITS?” There are as many manufacturers of crankbaits as there are colors. Some of the more popular makers of crankbaits are Luhr Jensen, Mann’s,Bomber, Storm, Berkley, Bill Lewis, Rapala, Lucky Craft and Rebel. There are of course, many more, including hundreds of custom made crankbaits by individuals ...[Read More]

Hand Held Power Drills – Choosing the Best Drill For the Job

If you were a professional contractor who used various types of drills on a daily basis throughout the course of your job, you would probably already know what type of drill you need for a specific job. But, what about the person who does not work with drills every day. This person probably knows that a certain job or task requires the use of a drill, but may not be certain about what type of drill is needed. Choosing the right drill can be a daunting task and it’s really no surprise with all the types of drills to choose from. You have: basic drills VSR drills drill/drivers hammer drills impact drivers/wrenches rotary hammer drills right angle drills spade handle drills Maybe you have already been looking at drills and have other questions such as: What does VSR mean? What is the di...[Read More]

Andopause – Is It The Pause That Refreshes?

Almost everyone knows that middle aged women are afflicted by menopause caused by an all too rapid, abrupt decrease of their hormonal production. And, while men can snicker about this, making patronizing, sexist attempts at humor, the last laugh is on us men.Why? Men are not immune from the ravages of declining hormone production. Between ages 40 to 55, andropause, menopause’s brother affliction, comes calling on men. Male hormones go crazy, but much more slowly than women and in different ways. While men have no menstrual flow that ceases or shows up sporadically off schedule at the most inconvenient times, andropause brings severe, yet slow, subtle, long term degenerative problems to men. For men, and for women, many times these hormonal declines are not diagnosed correctly and tre...[Read More]

The Need for Hybrid Cars

Since the very conception of the automobile, engineers and designers have been searching for was to make them more efficient and save on fuel consumption. Petrol fuels the majority of vehicles and diesel fuel is used in heavy automated equipment. The internal combustion engine is considered to be a major if not the largest source of environmental pollution and the cost of fuel is increasing every day. With a constant rise in fuel costs and the environmental concerns regarding automobiles, vehicle engineers have had to develop more economic and environmentally safer alternatives to the internal combustion engine that powers most cars. This has led to the birth of the hybrid automobile. These hybrid automobiles offer a number of benefits. The hybrid automobile is a car that is powered by bot...[Read More]

Great Ways to Use Essential Oils for Your Dog

Here are a few simple ways to prevent health issues for your dog. Essential oils products made by Young Living are natural ways to promote health, naturally prevent pests, and help stop tooth decay. Please keep in mind the not all essential oil brands are processed to the standards of Young Living and if you use other brands you may not receive the benefits and may be causing harm to your pet. I am a dog breeder and able to test essential oils then view the results. I have attended many classes, read numerous books, listened to countless podcasts on essential oils. I have had the pleasure to speak with a few holistic vets who use essential oils. I tried out suggested applications and discover first hand, if the remedies are good solutions. These solutions contain many benefits without expe...[Read More]

Use of Two Way Radios While Caring for the Elderly

The proportion of the elderly to the total population in the US is a significant 12.9%, according to figures from the Administration of Aging. In addition, the percentage is expected to increase to 19% by the year 2030. The best way to take care of this section of the population is to remain connected to them while helping them remain safe and independent. The advancement of technology has led to the development of several unique communication systems that allow the elderly to contact their loved ones at any time. One of these is two way radios. These days more and more elderly people prefer to spend their retirement days in the luxury and safety of their own homes rather than senior citizen homes or homes for the elderly. This is possible by refurbishing their existing homes to include th...[Read More]

Amazing Carp Bait Recipes For Beginners That Catch You Thirty Pound Plus Fish Fast!

Making carp baits for big fish of over thirty pounds is a goal that more and more anglers want to achieve, because the rewards really are worth it! You can catch as many if not in fact more big carp by using totally unique homemade baits! There are many possible ingredients for making carp baits, but what you need is a very solid starting point of confidence so the expert information in this article is very helpful indeed! You need to understand straightway that success is a recipe, but not merely a miracle magic bullet instant success recipe. There is a reason why there are so many carp baits, and that is that carp are constantly evolving in order to avoid threats, and to exploit new opportunities in order to survive to pass their genes on to future generations. So you basically need to m...[Read More]

Potassium Humate Benefits for Plants

Agricultural experts are touting the benefits of potassium humate for growing plants to aide in increase in our food sources. Many third world countries use this organic fertilizer compound to promote root growth and improve the surrounding soil of the crop structure. It is a highly dissolvable ingredient in its various forms such as powder, granular, or crystal. Plants which are fed through the elements in the soil containing prescribed levels of humic acid with potassium are healthier, stronger, and produce a more abundant yield. Yielded crops from humate with a potassium content are free from crop diseases which in turn deters insects from destroying them. This natural compound can restore balance in weak soil areas where seedlings are planted. While growing, the resulting plant growth ...[Read More]

Bass Fishing Tips and Tactics For Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass

Tips For Catching Trophy Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass Time and time again over the years, I have listened to many anglers and clients express their frustration at trying to catch smallmouth bass. Most anglers do not realize that these fish have their own set of behaviors that sets them apart from largemouth bass. The major differences between smallmouth and a largemouth bass are as follows: If you fish for smallmouth here in the northeast, especially in the Susquehanna river in Maryland, you will find that smallmouth bass do not stick that tight to cover. This is even more apparent in some of our slack water reservoirs. Smallmouth relate much more to a sudden or rapid depth change than they do cover. When we fish for largemouths, we are all taught to fish brushpiles and thick weedbeds, b...[Read More]