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The 10 Essential Questions to Answer in Creating Your Web Design Brief

A website is an essential part of any company marketing tool set. If you want to look credible and established in this day and age, a website is a must have, rather than simply a nice bolt on. But if you’ve never had to design a website before, how can you ensure your web project gets going on the right footing? After all, there’s a confusing array of options and you can easily get this wrong, wasting lots of time and money. Before you get going on your web design project, here are the 10 essential questions you should ask yourself in order to write a good brief. Hiring a web design company is the same as hiring any professional designer, the better the brief you create, the more likely you are to get a finished product you are happy with. 1. What specific objectives do you hav...[Read More]

How To Find The Right Website Design Company For Your Business

If you’re thinking of hiring a website designer to help showcase your company’s products and services, you’ll probably be wondering where to start. And with many companies claiming to be the best in the business, it’s understandably a little perplexing. But the good news is, competition in this industry is fierce, so there is bound to be someone who will bite your hand off for a chance to work with and grow your brand. Web designers (like most creative types) are incredibly passionate about what they do. So if you know where to look, you’re likely to find someone who will grasp your business by the horns and make a success of your online marketing campaign – thus increasing your visibility. With more and more businesses needing to stand out online to com...[Read More]

Design Mistakes That Affect Website Usability

A designer may think that he has created a brilliant design, but there could be some mistakes that affect the design usability and overall artistic appeal of the website. This article gives insight on common design mistakes. Complex Search Box: A search box is the last resort for users to find information when navigation appears ineffective. It is a defensive mechanism to desperately look for the desired information when all other search mechanisms have become ineffective. Search engines that are designed to be factual and operate as per the exact words or phrases that are provided in the search box may be a disappointment. Search boxes do not account the general errors such as a typo, hyphens, or singular word errors fed in the box. Search boxes should allow users to be in control of the ...[Read More]

Website External Links and Framing Legal Guide!

If you operate a website, are you aware of the ways in which website operators can become liable for use of external links? Traditionally, website operators have not been held liable for merely placing an external text link on their website. But, doing more than simply placing a text link on your site and your website content may in many instances result in liability. The following legal guide will introduce you to basic liability resulting from misuse of external links and for framing. Types of Links & Framing Before I discuss external links and framing liability, you should understand the basic types of website links if you don’t already. There are two basic types of external links. Text links (embedded links in text) are called hypertext reference (“HyperREFerence”...[Read More]

Is Your Website Content Helping Or Hurting Your Business?

The content for your website is your primary resource and it’s importance cannot be underestimated. It generates traffic. It helps make a sale. Also, it provides authority, credibility and gets your business noticed above other online business. It also helps you market your business. What Is Website Content? Website content can be read, watched, listened to and shared. It covers everything from blog posts, articles, videos, reports, e-books, reviews, infographics and audio files. But just having content is not enough. There’s good website content and there’s bad website content. Is the content on your website helping or hurting your online business? It Must Have A Purpose Unfortunately, many online business owners publish website content without any purpose in mind. They ...[Read More]

Be Careful What You Tweet About

Unless you're a Martian then I'm pretty sure you've heard about Twitter. Surely, if you've turned the telly on in the last few months, there would have been some indication of this social networking phenomenon that has taken the world by storm. Even David Cameron uses it, it's that cool (or not). Anyway, many billions of 'tweets' as they're called are sent through the system every day from the inane to the ridiculous and sometimes being mildly amusing every now and then. Indeed sometimes, if you're lucky, you'll happen across one that is even quite interesting and maybe even useful . Yes, what I'm trying to say is that most of what goes on in Twitter is nonsense. Now this leads some people into a false sense of security and they believe that mayb...[Read More]

What to Do About Hidden Cameras at Your Tanning Salon

Many clients of salons enjoy using the services of their tanning beds. Many upscale tanning salons are available with reasonable prices, and the simplicity and comfort of these places is very popular. It is often impossible (given the weather) or cumbersome (dealing with tanning lamps or instant tans) to get tan outside or at home, so more commonly a salon is used for those that want to keep their tan year round. Some question has arisen from stories in the news about the safety and privacy of these tanning salons. There have been cases reported where someone has installed a camera in either the tanning bed or the changing area. A client’s naked pictures could be used for various purposes, including particularly posting online. The police have even raided some tanning salons that wer...[Read More]

Web Development – Essential For Emerging Businesses

Web development has been emerging as one of the fastest growing industries in the world. We can say web development is a step by step process of producing a website- whether it's building it, to designing it, creating content for it and embedding social features for it. However, most of the people think of web development as the practice of writing code. The main role played in this area is by Web developers. They understand the language of computers, and they are builders and very often gamers as well. Web developers work with designers and user-experience. They are experts to create an online experience for the users that is simple, stimulating and gets them to where they need to go in systematic manner. Now-a-days as everyone is tech savvy and websites are often used for the busines...[Read More]

Tips to Improve Web Development Skills

A series of steps involved in the process of formation and development of a website, generally with the assistance of established firms that would help you in developing a professional looking website, is called Web Development. Hiring a company to build a website for you is not only advised but also followed greatly as the level of expertise required in web development are great. The technical knowledge and efficiency that it demands can be easily provided by the professionals. But this does not mean that you should not take part in your web development. Make a rough structure and a list of all that you want and work parallel with the professionals. Below are listed, a few tips to help you with your website designing. Firstly, have a clear idea of what you want. Develop a structure in you...[Read More]

Good Web Design

What is Web Design? A Web site is the final output of a Web design. The Web site sits on a Web server where electronic files are stored. The Web site presents the contents and interactive features or interfaces to the end user in the form of Web pages. How the information requested is displayed to the user is par of the Web design process. Additional controls are embedded in order to display more complex media like animations, sounds and other forms. Whats New? The Clouds of Course! Everyone wants something new from time to time and yet some need a fix of something totally different. In the realm of the internet, that is quite a common occurrence with the many innovations that are always popping up and with all of them, none can be as exciting as the move into the clouds. The Open Design C...[Read More]

Web Design – You Get What You Pay For – Cheap vs Quality

Have you ever seen one of those advertisements stating that you could get a website designed for $199, or some company will create your web design for some outlandishly low sum of money? The adage “you get what you pay for” is very true, especially when it comes to web design! A cheap website is just that – a cheap website. Website design is exceedingly vital, particularly when you are advocating your company or association. Your web design will introduce your company or association to the world and I don’t believe a $199 effort would be a wonderful and effective testimony. It will have greater exposure than print would ever have an opportunity of doing and I doubt you would get far with that little sum of money in print! Web design can be and frequently is a lot le...[Read More]

6 Steps to Attracting Black Customers Online

By Jamila White, "The E-Commerce Diva" In the rush to keep up with technology, many African-American business owners are so busy trying to add the latest bells and whistles to their Web sites, get to the top of the search engines, and learn the latest database technology that they often forget This simple fact: people do business with other * people *, not computers. Understanding the importance of relationships is key to attracting African-American buyers online. Here are a few practical tips to getting Black customers to buy more From your Website. Step 1: Make a personal connection … put a face on it. Adding photos of realistic-looking people to your Web site will Increase your sales. Photos jump out from a page, so even if someone just skims over the words, the photo wi...[Read More]

Why and How to Use Custom Modules on Your Hubspot COS Site

One of the things I love about the HubSpot COS is just how flexible it can be. This came up the other day on a weekly call with a client whose website I’m moving to the HubSpot COS and redesigning in the process. I explained how most of the site pages will just use one or two templates because I’m going to build custom modules we can add everywhere. This means instead of building page-specific templates, I build just a few and add whatever content we want on the page itself. In this case, it means adding statistics, case studies and a testimonial to the page. None of this could be done without the ability to create custom modules in the HubSpot COS. In this article I’m going to share with you a few reasons why you’d want to create custom modules, and how to do it. W...[Read More]

3 Ways Of Measuring Site Traffic – Advantages & Disadvantages

Intro Measuring site traffic is vitally important to have numerical support for allocating web design budget. How do you prioritize if you don’t know how many and what kind of visitors are accessing certain pages? Further, in-depth analysis can increase site effectiveness and segment user types. For these purposes one needs to capture site usage data. This can be done, fundamentally, in one of 3 ways: – Server based logs – User based logs – ASP based logs All 3 methods have advantages and disadvantages to offer. In this whitepaper the author will allude to the benefits and drawbacks of all 3 methods. Also, some technical clarification will begiven to explain why each method has its own merits. Server based logs The physical server on which a website is hosted produc...[Read More]

What Makes a Good Cleaning Supplies Website?

There are so many different topics when it comes to cleaning. The first question you have to ask yourself is cleaning what? We clean everything, as human beings we are taught from our early childhoods to keep every thing clean and put things away when we are done with them. The question then becomes why? Why do humans need everything to be neat and clean, and in order. I believe as a species, human beings need direction and routine to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If things are not clean and organized this can disrupt our daily routine. How does this come into play with what makes a good cleaning supplies website? Well first, before you can sell something to an individual it always helps to give them good information on what they are buying and how to use it. A majority of cleaning and jan...[Read More]