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10 Tips on Designing a Layout in Restaurant City

Restaurant City is a very popular game on Facebook, where you can create and run your very own “virtual” restaurant. It’s a simulation of running a “real world” restaurant and gaining the same experience managing the restaurant. You can do different things to your restaurant, such as hiring new staff, decorating your restaurant, managing your restaurant, and so on. There are a few things that you should consider while planning a layout for your restaurant, and that includes: 1- Make sure that your waiters won’t have to walk too much to the tables: The less your waiters walk, the more time they spend serving, and the less time they spend getting to the tables. 2- Don’t add too many tables: If you have too many tables and not enough cooks to serve th...[Read More]

What Is Mainstream And Niche PiggyBack? E-Commerce Web

Mainstream Piggy back When you use sites like Amazon and eBay to market your website and you don’t have your own website As with the Bricks and Clicks eCommerce businesses, we’ve divided this sector in two. PiggyBacking is the use of someone else’s infrastructure to get your products to market. That infrastructure usually includes: Website and payment system 1. Marketing 2. Brand awareness 3. Customer database So all the piggybacking business has to do is find the products, process, and send the orders. The benefits to the eCommerce business can be huge: Speed – you can get your products in front of prospective buyers within minutes, and be generating sales within hours Investment – you don’t need to build a website or a payment system – so the set...[Read More]

Key Safety Factors to Your Outdoor Cat Enclosure Catio Design

Before you build decide on a catio design and build an outdoor cat enclosure you should know these important facts to keeping your feline happy and safe. Catios, also known as cat runs and cat cages are great structures that allow pet owners to let their kitties outside while keeping them safe. This new cat containment solution is a raving trend since featured in a New York times Article recently. Catios are available in many sizes and shapes ranging from a window box or window cage to a fully detached outdoor enclosure. Before deciding which catio design is right for you and your loved cat there are a few safety considerations to be aware of to guarantee your catio is as safe as possible. Catio construction materials should not be toxic to cats. Many kitty owners are unaware of the many d...[Read More]

Golf Mats – What You Don’t Know Could Lead To Injuries

Nobody ever tells you about the dangers of hitting golf balls from a hard surface turf mat… Learning golf is hard enough – How much harder it is to play well if you’re trying to hit shots off a hard surface mat! You might as well practice hitting shots from a cart path. Why do people even consider practicing golf from a hard surface or Astroturf mat? Astroturf is nothing like grass… as far as hitting a golf ball goes. Think about it – Would you play golf on an Astroturf golf course? What most golfers don’t know about hitting from a golf mat could lead to serious, life-long injuries. When you hit from a hard surface or Astroturf, you may be subjecting your body to a shock that over time can lead to pain, inflammation, joint troubles and even long term inj...[Read More]

5 Gift Ideas for the Bloggers and Vloggers in Your Life!

Hey listen – blogging is serious business! Like literally – it is! And if you friend, family member, loved one or spouse is a blogger (or vlogger/video blogger) than you know just how serious it is to them! I began blogging in the early part of 2000, while it was still in it’s infancy. Back then, it was still taboo and most people kept their online hobby on the down low. Now here we are, a decade later, social media has taken over the internet and blogging has become a way of life for many. As we approach the holidays, birthdays or other special occasions – you are probably asking yourself – “What special gift can I give to th blogger in my life?”. I’ve put together a list of the top gift ideas for the blog fanatics! 1. Services: There are a ...[Read More]

The 17 Stages of Psychic Development

The following stages will help to show you how close you are to ‘flicking on the light switch’ and waking up from Gergef’s ‘sleeping man’. The stages do not necessarily happen in any particular order, they are not set in stone and you may experience several at a time. The following order does however reflect the order of the experience of many on the journey and there does seem to be a systematic approach to the development process. Some people will go through all of them, others one or two. Overall however, you will develop at a pace that is exactly right for you. Many of the stages are associated with the fusing of the emotional, energy body and the spiritual body, which is a vital underlying part of the development process. 1. Life Crisis This stage does no...[Read More]

Formica Countertop Vs Granite Countertop

Can I compare a formica countertop with a granite countertop? These are the questions I always get asked. Well, can you compare wood with stone? No you can’t! Same goes for countertops. A formica countertop is made up of chipboard as the core of the countertop and laminated with formica on the surface of the chipboard. The formica material it self also comes in a roll and can be used to stick above the countertop below the wall unit as a back splash. You can also make up your own laminated kitchen countertop by cutting a piece of chipboard, preferably 32mm thick, the shape you want and then sticking the formica onto the chipboard. One of the best glues to use would be either Contact glue or my favorite Gemkem. A formica countertop isn’t as durable as a granite countertop but it...[Read More]

Dating Radar – Don’t Fall For A High-Conflict Partner

Dating has changed. Whether you’re a teenager just starting out, or in your 20’s or 30’s looking to find the love of your life, or in your 40’s, 50’s or 60’s (or even older) and dating again, it’s a different world. High conflict people (HCPs) appear to be increasing in our society and may be about one out of eight people. They can be abusive and/or controlling in close relationships: verbally, physically, sexually, financially, spreading rumors, cutting you off from friends and family, and some even bring lawsuits against those they once loved. But much of this is hidden at the beginning. How can you spot an HCP when you’re dating? The following seven tips can help: 1. Watch Out for Excessive Charm This catches everyone by surprise. It’...[Read More]

ADC Exam

To work as a dentist in Australia, first it’s necessary to be registered with the Dental Board of Australia. To do this there are different options available: 1. Dentists trained in Australia must complete an academic training leading to a dental degree. This can take up to 5 years depending on the university. 2. If you are a dentist already who has been trained overseas there are basically three ways to obtain registration with the Board: a. Enrolling at an Australian dental school and gain credit for prior learning b. In special circumstances the degree can be automatically recognised. c. Successfully completing the ADC exam. Automatic recognition of an overseas degree If you obtained your degree in the United Kingdom, Canada or Ireland, you may be able to obtain registration in Au...[Read More]

5 Most Impactful Mobile UX Trends for 2017

Judging by the amount of buzz created by the end of 2016, this year is going to be all about chat-oriented interfaces, artificial intelligence, responsive designs, along with virtual and augmented reality in the mobile app universe. In order to succeed and build apps that are useful and functional, one needs to prepare for new challenges. Hence, it becomes important that we identify the biggest trends of the time. Following are five of the most impactful mobile UX trends for this year: 1) Conversational Interfaces According to a recent study, an average user only uses about three apps frequently and one of them is usually a messaging app. People enjoy chatting, so everyone wants to take advantage and tap into the trend. But, while doing so it’s also important to create features that ...[Read More]

What Is Reading Comprehension?

Reading comprehension can simply be defined as understanding what you are reading. Even though that sounds easy it really isn’t, because it requires our full attention and focus when reading. If you aren’t properly processing what you are reading as you are reading through text then you have poor reading comprehension, and if you do then vice-versa. Its pretty much impossible to try and captivate the act of comprehending, but that’s why improving your comprehension is a process. Essentially reading comprehension works by series of cognitive processes. When a person begins to read, the brain is using its understanding of individual sounds in language, phonics (connection between letters and sounds and the relationship between sounds, letters, and words) and the ability to ...[Read More]

Tips For Reading Faster From the Computer Screen

Many of us work with a computer all day long and it is usual that you read far more texts from the computer screen than from paper. Can you apply speed reading techniques for reading from computer? Yes, you can as on the general the speed reading techniques are applicable both reading from computer or book. However there exist some differences and you will benefit in case of reading from the computer screen if you will apply the following tips. In case of reading from the computer then you may have an advantage of processing the text and making it easier to read. It means that you can change the way the text is shown on the screen. The first thing you should look for is adjusting the text in a way that there are two columns on a page. When the text is broken into two narrow columns then yo...[Read More]

Which Are Some Of The Most Popular Back End Frameworks?

Nowadays, the user experience delivered by an application determines its popularity and profitability in the longer run. Hence, it becomes essential for developers to focus on both front-end and back-end of the application. Normally, the users can see, touch and experience the front-end or user interface of the application directly. But the front-end experience of an application is driven by various aspects of its backend – database interactions, business logic, user request processing, and performance. Hence, the developers frequently explore ways to enhance the performance and quality of the backend code. Most developers take advantage of robust back-end frameworks to make the applications deliver optional user experience without putting extra time and effort. Brief Overview of 12 ...[Read More]

What to Do If Your Downloads Are Taking Too Long

Slow downloads are not only annoying but can also cost you a lot of time and effort. Fortunately, there’s a very simple way to fix this problem which even a beginner can do. Here are the steps you should take to fix the slow downloads on your computer: Step 1 – Check Internet Speed – The speed of your Internet connection is essential if you want fast downloads. Nowadays, a typical broadband connection is considered fast if it’s over 1mb/s in speed. This basically means that the connection has the ability to download files at 100kb/s (the download speed is 1/10th of your overall connection speed). To test what speed you’re getting to your computer, you should Google “Broadband Speed Test” and then click on the first link. Run the test on the website...[Read More]

Internet Marketing – Advantages and Disadvantages

Everyone seems to be jumping on the internet marketing bandwagon lately. In the race to get their business online, many successful businesses forget to ask themselves some tough questions about what they are doing, what their expectations are and what their plan is to meet those expectations. The internet can be a powerful tool that can put you on solid footing with bigger companies. On the other hand, the other companies may have more money to pay for advertising. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind as you analyze your internet marketing strategy. Advantage of Internet Marketing – your store is open, 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. Further, your customers are worldwide in reach, and can shop anytime that they want to – the cost of spreading your message is next to nothing...[Read More]