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Prerequisites While Selecting The Perfect Web Design Company

The web presence of your company plays a significant role in the success of your business. Nowadays, entrepreneurs prefer to do online research of your company and study your website thoroughly before investing or signing any business contract. Entrepreneurs who are not accustomed with web projects and don’t know how to select the perfect web design company often land up choosing the wrong one. Availing the services of a wrong web design firm can produce devastating effects and affect your business adversely. However, according to web design experts, there are few points which should be taken into consideration while selecting the perfect web design company. Such points may include: Web design Pricing: A good quality website design ensures excellent business opportunities. In the wor...[Read More]

Website Designing: Pre-Requisites of a Website Designer

Choosing the right website designer is the foremost important thing for your business. It requires creativity for a designer to understand the requirements of a client, so that he can come up with the most effective strategy for business. Sometimes, disputes arise between the clients and designers due to miscommunication between them. A common issue faced by them is the differences in cultures, mostly when the client belongs to a foreign country. But a good web designer overcomes such problems by providing quality work along with timely submissions. However, there are certain things that a client needs to work on, for getting clarity of the exact requirements of web designing. This involves creation of a sitemap by the client. A sitemap is like a rough estimate of the pages and links that ...[Read More]

Designing And Creating Your Own Website – For Beginners

There are lots of free available templates out there but I have to say that Designing and creating your own website contributes greatly to the success of your online business. ”But it takes knowledge and effort though”, you may say. Yes, it’s true but taking the time to learn how to create even a simple website will give you more edge in this business. Though there are so many free website templates available out there but in designing and creating your own website will give you more flexibility. You can design your website according to how you want it to be. Where you want to place your images, videos, ads, etc. How you want your site will look like will entirely depends on you. At first, I thought I could never do this. It takes technical knowledge to it and I am no tec...[Read More]

Getting a Professional Website for Your Small Business

There is a lot of hype about do-it-yourself websites. What earns them their brownie points is a highly-intuitive user interface with a minimal learning curve. To add, the predesigned, customizable templates and layouts allow a person with hardly any technical expertise to create a near-perfect website in a matter of minutes. And, of course we cannot forget the low cost, a major saving for a small business. But then, what we need to ask is does such a website match the standards of a business website? No. Every business is different and therefore needs a website that will reflect it. After all, it acts as your first point of contact with your customers. This article discusses the reasons you should let a professional build your small business website. 1. Neat and clean design – To rep...[Read More]

An Ultimate Guide To Website Design

Creating a good website is very important if you’re targeting customers online. It is important to check that the design should meet the objective of your business. To create a great experience for users it is very important to build a connection between design and products gratefully. There are some of the basic elements that very easily catch the attention of a visitor. A neat design with all the necessary details helps a visitor to understand the product properly; this can also help you to generate new clients. An informative website is essential to grab the attention of the customers. Several elements that can help you to get more visitors are as follows. Simplicity Factor – People do not come to your website to see your design but, they come to perform some necessary actio...[Read More]

5 Top Tips to Help Choose the Best Website Designer

Starting a new business involves a lot of time and effort. From planning, right through to budgeting and marketing. One key step is to create a professional website which will provide another avenue to attract customers, and this is not just for online businesses. Bricks and mortar businesses also require a web presence. Choosing a web designer who understands or is prepared to learn about your business is very important. Without understanding what your business is about they will not be able to undertake key activities in building your website. So here are 5 top tips to ensure that you choose the right website designer: 1. Make sure that the person you hire is approachable and open to your ideas about how the website should look. It can be very easy to churn out the same type of website, ...[Read More]

Website Design: Do Yourself a Favor – Don’t Do-It-Yourself!

The distraught woman sat next to me at the salon looking almost ill, while her son, no more than three years old, sat perched on a booster seat in the salon chair, staring at his reflection with a look of complete puzzlement on his cherubic little face. His hair looked as if it had been gnawed by beavers… Irate beavers. She wailed, “I figured ‘how hard could a boy’s haircut be?’ and before I knew it he looked like this!!!” “It seemed like such a good idea at the time!” The hairdresser had a look on her face that told me she had seen this sort of thing many times before as she tried valiantly to undo the do-it-yourself do. The nice thing about hair is that it grows back in a relatively short time. The same cannot necessarily be said about the ...[Read More]

Why Are Web Designers Using Joomla?

Joomla has taken the web design industry with a storm. Joomla is one of the leading content management systems in the world. A content management system is a software that allows a website owner to update the website content themselves without prior web design or technical skills. Joomla has seen a steady increase in demand as organisations require websites that can be updated on a frequent basis. Today it is a common practice for businesses to demand websites that can be updated in-house without specialist technical skills. Businesses today understand the importance of content on a website and its impact on search engine ranking. Businesses require complete control over the content on their website and require a system that will allow them to make regular updates. Joomla allows web design...[Read More]

5 Tips For A Great Website

What Does A Website Do Before approaching a website designer, it is wise to consider the main aim of the website, why it is that you want it and what it is to achieve. Most websites are commercial, they are there to produce money and act as a ‘shop window’ to attract new customers. However, many websites are non commercial, they are blogs, resource websites, council websites etc. so would not have the ‘selling’ angle. Before approaching a website designer, it is wise to consider some of the following points before getting the planning in place. The reason is because website designers are there to produce a website, not necessarily work as a partner or to produce something ‘successful’ just build to spec. In the same way that a builder is commissioned to ...[Read More]

If Your Website Was Built Before 2013, Update It Now To Be Mobile Device Friendly

First, a little history. According to Wikipedia, it was in 2004 that Cameron Adams a web developer created a demonstration of “fluid flexible” layout. By 2008, related terms such as “flexible”, “liquid”, “fluid”, and “elastic” were being used to describe layouts. It was Ethan Marcotte another web designer, who coined the term responsive web design (RWD)-and defined it to mean fluid grid/ flexible images/ media queries-in a May 2010 article in A List Apart. He described the theory and practice of responsive web design in his brief 2011 book titled Responsive Web Design. Responsive design was listed as #2 in Top Web Design Trends for 2012 magazine. Mashable called 2013 the Year of Responsive Web Design. Many other sources hav...[Read More]

Managing Your Site With a Website Builder

As with all businesses, the challenge lies in how to effectively reach the right audience in promoting your products and services. Thankfully, the solution is right at the tip of your fingers – create a website! Getting your business online quickly and easily with a website builder is an affordable way to build up your business’ presence as this attracts a wider target market. But I don’t know anything about websites! Don’t fret. It is even easier to get your business online now with the help of a website builder. With this tool, you can create your website simply by dragging and dropping widgets. This allows you to quickly and conveniently build your site, without the use of mind-boggling manual codes or programs. So if you’re a newbie or not so tech-savvy, t...[Read More]

Would Our Web Designer Sell Us A Junk Design?

Junk just gathers dustWeb designers are in the business of selling web designs. That is the first principle of business for a web design firm, as it is for many other types of businesses. There is nothing new here except that the whole purpose of a web site is to create business for the owner, and a site just gathering dust does not do that. No one says that a web design needs to create direct sales for any business but it must connect with the business owner’s market and engage that market. If the site doesn’t connect with the market it is just junk collecting dust. It may be a beautiful piece of work but it’s still collecting dust. Part of this problem is our responsibility as small business owners. We didn’t go to a web designer and say, “I need a web site ...[Read More]

Reasons That a Race Car Driver Needs a Website

The big-time race car drivers all have their own websites. They have the resources in place to hire a team dedicated to their online presence. For drivers on the regional or local circuits, it can seem intimidating and expensive to operate a website of their own. The benefits do, however, outweigh the cost. There are several reasons that a race car driver could use a website. A website is a great way to inform their fans of their whereabouts and their performance. It can be used to provide another place to acknowledge sponsors. And they can sell ad space on the website to generate more revenue. Drivers need to connect with race fans in order to keep them coming. A website can help with that. Fans would be able to look up current information, including schedule and results, any time they wa...[Read More]

Custom Web Design And Why Go For It

You have to build a website that is tempting to your target audience or market. But, if you want to do Internet marketing for increasing your business brand and sales, create it with a professional look, which is extremely vital these days. The designs of the site must depend completely on your business objectives and your online goals. You can hire a custom web designing company to create a custom design. What Is A Custom Web Design? A customized website design is a definitive solution for the online presence to stay it for your business. When making a custom site, the choice of fonts, images, colors, videos and more are available, but the Web Designing Company of the sites to decide whether it is right for your business or not. A custom design enables you to concentrate on your business ...[Read More]

Web Design Pricing and SEO

When checking out web design pricing, it is important to consider the subsequent cost of getting the site on page 1 of Google and similar search engines; this is called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Whilst many website designers consider they are fully aware of SEO, the real experts in this field must be the ethical SEO Companies. Occasionally an ethical SEO company will also do excellent ‘state of the art’ web design; their expertise is extremely high because an ethical SEO company has to rely entirely on website optimisation and genuine links from blogs, forums and the like. Web design pricing models:– The Static HTML Website To the average person, this is how they expect a website to look; it is how the majority of websites used to look. They are essentially pages ...[Read More]