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History of Versace Designer Handbags

Versace is a name that is commonly heard in fashionable circles, not only for bags, but clothing too. Versace has been responsible for some iconic bags through the years, however, often becoming star of the ramp walk at major celebrity events. Gianni Versace S.P.A. is the full formal name of the company, but it is referred to as one word – Versace. The History Gianni Versace, the founder of this famous design house, is known mostly for being the first designer to link fashion to music. He was also notorious in some circles for being openly gay. 1978 was the year that saw the opening of the first Versace boutique. This happened in Milan. As a young boy, Versace learned a lot under his mother, who was a seamstress. It is a little known fact that before he busted into the fashion scene ...[Read More]

Children’s Clothing Trends and Ideas

Children’s clothing changes as much as adults’ do. When there is a new trend in adults, expect to see those trends in their children. When there are new clothing ideas for teenagers, expect to see those in children too. A child’s clothing would be affected by the current trend, and the latest fashion has a say on how they dress. An example: people wear baggy, solid-colored, thigh-length shirts; girls and toddlers dressed up much like these adults do. They wore long shirts that are off-shouldered. Toddlers dressed in colorful shirts with colorful designs. Ripped pants were popular in men and women, boys and girls, and toddlers. Today, there is more than enough inspiration for parents to dress up their child. Books, movies and TV series define what is in and what is out. As...[Read More]

The History Of Coats For Women

The coat is a real newcomer in the woman's wardrobe because until the late 19th century women preferred to wear capes. This was because the clothes worn then would have been difficult to wear under a cost. However, as sports activities became more popular, day dresses became less bulky so that women could wear coats and demand for them rose quickly. Because fashion still dictated that clothes should vary according to the occasion, a wide range of different coat models were developed. In addition, the new mobility made possible by bicycles, automobiles, railroads, and ocean liners required different models with different finishes to resist wind, dust, rain or soot. The newspapers of the early 20th century were full of advertisements for practical yet elegant coats. The suppliers of this...[Read More]

Summer Fashion Essentials

Go have some fun. Make it more pleasurable by inviting a friend to join you on a girlfriend’s day out. Treat yourselves to a lovely lunch. Go for broke and stay overnight in a hotel with spa facilities where you can relax and be pampered. Make sure that you have a manicure and pedicure. What are the on trend colors for the summer season? Where do you get your inspiration and ideas from? Don’t be afraid to experiment with color. Monochromatic color schemes are chic and will always be high in the fashion stakes, but it is time to break out. One of the hottest colors to look out for is Coral. So vibrant and generally suits most complexion types. Orange, Jade and bright yellow are also popping up everywhere. If you are not so confident to wear such bright colors, go for accessories...[Read More]

Impact Of Indian Ethnic Wear On The Global Market

Like Chicken Tikka Curry, Indian Ethnic Wear has taken the world up by storm. Thanks to world renowned designers such as Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Manish Malhotra and Ritu Kumar, India is slowly emerging to be a hot global fashion destination and the Ethnic wear is making its presence felt stronger like never before. And why shouldn’t the West be mesmerized by Indian fashion? Fashion in India has thousands of years of tradition behind it. India is land of rich and varied textile heritage where each region of India has its own native dress and traditional costumes; it is a virtually a play ground for the designers! India is known for its culture, values and designs. India’s versatility and craftsmanship is held in high regards for thousands of years. With Hollywood celebrities and g...[Read More]

Guide to the Latest Fashion Labels

From the runway to the impulse-buy section at the grocery store, people today are always looking for the newest, latest fashions. Sporting fancy labels attests to one’s worldview, cultural roots and place in society. A’ Gaci – Agaci.Too, the parent company for Twigland Fashions, was founded in 1971 in a downtown shop in San Antonio, Texas. Twigland Fashion is now one of the world’s fastest growing fashion chains for juniors. The label keeps up with the constantly changing world of fashion while adhering to one 32-year standing goal- to make women look and feel sexy and glamorous. Consultants help women to achieve just that with Twigland Fashions. The market is trendy clothes for plus-size young women. A Gift from the Gods originated in the hip East End of London. Th...[Read More]

What is Contemporary Garden Design?

Contemporary garden design came about as land areas for gardening became less and less for house owners in the urban areas. With the small land areas, many landowners who are urbanites will prefer a modern look to their garden, just to match their personality and lifestyle. Cultivating plants for eating is not in their minds. They rather spend their time maintaining their cool-looking garden. So that would mean a fresh, modern and energetic landscaping. But how do you classify a contemporary design? Well for one, you will know once you see it. The most important characteristics for a modern design is the use of modern elements such as cement and marble slabs. The use of cement especially as retaining container for some part of the garden immediately gives the garden a modern face. Those wi...[Read More]

Renaissance Festival Jewelry And Its Significance

Renaissance jewelry was worn as a means of decoration, but had lots of meaning as well. Much of the inspiration behind these works of art were nature, life experiences and religion. Some of them were very simple depending on the gems and stones that were used, but could be very elaborate in design. Renaissance era jewelry covered a broad range of materials. Pearls in brooches, earrings, necklaces and collars of office were obviously the most popular jewelry component for both women and men. From early years when mainly cabochon stones were used, jewelers gradually began using cameos, simple faceted stones with table cut, pearls of all sizes, opals and lightly faceted gemstone beads. Sought after gemstones were diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires. But remember, diamonds did not have th...[Read More]

Unique Area Rug – A Vital Component Of Interior Decoration

A unique area rug proves to be a vital component by the dint of which the interiors can be given an aesthetic fervor. A stylized unique area rug ensures not only revitalizing the glory of the interiors of the house but also let the people lead an elegant life with style, luxury and comfort. The aesthetic look of the high quality unique area rug can deliver a high degree of invitational note along with adding some inspirational glory to your room. There are so many types of area rugs such as accent area rugs, contemporary area rugs, carpet rugs, sitting area rugs, Victorian area rugs, traditional pile area rugs, tufted area rugs and so on. But all of these categories may not prove to be perfect for your life style. Selection should be in accordance with the kind of life you are leading and ...[Read More]

Fashion Industry: Ready To Face The Future

The fashion industry is very complicated. There are no standard fashion companies. They come from a wide spectrum of enterprises working in the apparel, footwear, home textiles and accessories markets. The industry is made up of various kinds of companies like retailers, design source and selling companies, companies with their own manufacturing facilities and other companies who outsource production but retain control over parts of the production process. Moreover, companies functioning in the high fashion segment often face a different kind of pressure as compared to those functioning with commodity fashion goods. All of these aspects combine to make the fashion industry one of the most complicated industry. Yet, various issues can be noticeably recognized as common across the industry. ...[Read More]

Boxy iPhone 4 Case – EXOvault EXO4

Desiring to own a distinctively unique iPhone 4 case that sets you apart from the rest? With the success of their previous out-of-the-ordinary cases, EXOvault has announced their new line of special cases for the iPhone 4. The EXO4 is a boxy type of case that is made from aluminum or brass materials. It is lightweight and very durable. The quality is also exceptional and it is apparent to note that it has been beautifully-crafted to fit perfectly well on your iPhone 4. The design is truly unique especially around the edges. It actually seems that the inspiration of this case was taken from the movie Transformers because of its boxlike shape and patterned edges. It can also be engraved with a beautiful design on the back for a more special look. The case is also hinged with magnetic clasps ...[Read More]

3rdBorn Clothing

The man behind 3rdBorn; Artist/Designer David Eagles learnt the ropes during a 9 year stint at Quicksilver where he designed clothing for the surf wear behemoth. Now residing in Bali, the Australian draws inspiration from his new home for his clothing designs. David started putting out tees under the 3rdborn label in the year of 2000 after his departure from Quicksilver. He left the giant as he was displeased at the direction the surf industry had taken and instead decided he would be happier putting out clothing under his own label and vision. The company takes pride in avoiding the (seemingly standard based on their location) standard sweat shop manufacturing route and boast on their website “3rdborn’s product are not produced in crazy sweat factories, everything is made by u...[Read More]

Writing to Sell in Eight Steps

How to write an effective sales brochure, web page, sales letter, or presentation Capturing your reader’s attention and persuading them to buy or take a desired action is a craft. Like any craft, you can learn a lot from the pros. Fortunately for you, effective sales writing is all around you… take a look at some well-respected company websites and other communications for some great examples. Alright, looking at examples of what others have done can provide some inspiration and ideas, but what about your situation? How will you sell your product or service? A good structure will help guide you through your own writing process. There will typically be several steps along the path from your opening headline to your call for action and you may lose your reader anywhere along the ...[Read More]

Design & Art History – The Psychedelic Movement (CA 1960 – 1970)

In the late sixties something happened to an american generation that would mark them forever. It is a story of war, the struggle for racial equality and the explosion of counter culture, it was a time when a generation rebelled, and lost its innocence in the fight against injustice. Vietnam was the first ever televised war, and the images were inescapable. A decade that ended with disillusionment and rage began on a moral high note. Thanks to Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King jr, it seemed the time for racial equality in the US had finally arrived. There is so much to write about in this era, that it is very difficult to select just one thing to focus on. Even though there is an absurd amount of art and design that stems from this time period. When we talk about the “sixties” ...[Read More]

Use Mobile App Templates When There Is A Need For Speed

Inspiration for mobile app design is important. When you decide to build a mobile app for your business, you automatically start imagining how it should look and how it should work. Well, it gets confusing at times and you just wish there could be some reference or some template that you can look at and build upon. This is exactly where mobile app templates can help. Ready to use For any industry vertical or for any type of business, a ready to use mobile template can save you a lot of time and energy. You do not have to imagine the design and the logical flow of elements from scratch. It is all provided and ready to use. You know exactly how your finished product will look like. Moreover, if you feel the need to change some features or some elements, a developer can easily do that for you...[Read More]