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Designer Sarees – An Overview

Designer Sarees – An Overview

Sarees have spread their wings across the world. Although the origin of the saree started in Southern India, many women across the whole world have begun wearing sarees for the pure love of its design and comfort. A single designer sari can be worn approximately 80 different styles. Almost every state of India has got its own style of wearing a saree. Apart from that, countries such as the United States, Canada, France, United States, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Pakistan etc. have also begon wearing designer sarees.

A sari is a type of fabric which comes in a length of about 4 meters up to 9 meters. A woman wearing a saree will have to first wear a petticoat below their waist and a blouse above their waist. The saree is then draped across their body in different styles. There are many fabrics used for designer sarees. Beaded, embroidered or stonework are some of the fabrics used to create designer sarees. These sarees can not be compared with traditional saris. Traditional saree are simple saris mostly made of cotton and might cost just about $ 10 or less. Most of the Indian families wear traditional sarees for their home use. Designer sarees on the other hand can start with $ 500 and upward upto $ 2,000 or even more. But it is worth the buy as a woman will look her best when she wears designer sarees.

Not only Bollywood celebrities but also Hollywood celebrities prefer wearing such kind of sarees for their red carpet functions. Celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson are often seen wearing such sarees during such important functions.

There are 2 main factors that govern designer sarees. They are-

1. Experiment – Designer sarees call for continuous experimentation. This is connected to ensure which design will work well with the public and which will not. Therefore, fashion designers are often seen working tirelessly on such sarees, be it the pattern of the saree or the fabric of the saree or even the height of the saree.

2. Colors and styles – The color and style of these saree are also very important to look into. These days, bold colors are making a comeback in designer sari.

Fabric that is usually used for designer sarees are cotton, silk, georgette, chiffon etc. Most of these sarees are worn during special occasions such as wedding ceremony, religious ceremonies, award functions, parties, get together etc

Women usually purchase such kind of saris for any special occasion. Sarees with heavy embroidery are worn usually during a wedding ceremony, while bright colored sarees with light work are usually worn during a birthday celebration. Therefore, it is important to understand an occasion before planning to buy designer sarees . The price range of these sarees can be anywhere from $ 500 up to $ 2,000 or above.The best part of a sari is that it can be worn by women of all age groups and of all sizes. It does not matter whether a woman is fat or thin, tall or short, such sarees will leave everyone stare at the person who is wearing such a kind of a saree.

Source by Sanjeev Gogna

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