Determine the Purpose of Your Business Plan – Part 1 Business Plan Course 2024


Learn 4 simple ways to determine the purpose of your business plan.
The first step for writing a business plan is to find a purpose for it. Without knowing purpose it is very difficult to write your business document.

The Complete How To Write Business Plan Course 2023: From Zero To Expert! –

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  1. @tannenkhun4972 says

    I dont see a lot of appreciation for the content that you guys are putting out. I just wanted to take the time to thank you guys for creating these videos as I am a visual learner. These videos are clear, concise, and straight to point, all while being animated/narrated professionally. Again, thank you for creating these 🎉🎉much appreciated

  2. @LeyDing-yo5sd says

    Good educational show!

  3. @mirazhossainsakif1309 says

    Very awesome presentation. I appreciate your effort. Carry on!

  4. @eveebere1065 says

    Am loving this already. First time here and had to pause to subscribe before continuing. This is so detailed. God bless you.

  5. @tylercarriere3622 says

    Perfect way to start the new year!

  6. @marcusjones3011 says

    Keep the videos coming!!! Outstanding info for starting a business plan.

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