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Develop a Strategic Internet Business Model – Five Fundamental Building Blocks

Develop a Strategic Internet Business Model – Five Fundamental Building Blocks

We know that the building of any business is going to take time and effort. Through this building time find something outside yourself, such as an exercise program, an inexpensive hobby that will give you some fun so you can pull yourself through those sticking points.

Block 1: Set goals and adopt a ready position where you move forward fast and prevent getting done making it perfect. Get it going and then go back and perfect it. At first you will need to learn all skills required to get the job done. While learning these skills, find those you enjoy most! When time permits take on the jobs you enjoy most and make them yours, and out sources everything else when possible.

Block 2: When you have chosen your product the most important ingredient to market any product is the hook that captures the client's interests, the inherent value of the product in the client's mind and heart. The product marketing process requires the development of a landing page where your visitors can opt-in and provide you with their name and e-mail address. Statistics have shown that it may take seven times seeing your marketing in different formats before they will trust you enough to buy.

Block 3: Capturing the client's name and e-mail address requires an auto-responder. After a client submits their information you can setup a follow-up marketing campaigns to deliver subscribers informative e-mails to automatically close the sale. With an auto-responder and developed e-mail messages you can create a trust building process through videos, sales letters and webinars. The sales message needs to communicate: Who are you? What product are you marketing? Why the product benefits the clients needs? And how can the client obtain the product? Providing proof of the product's benefits with sales advertising that is honest, truthful and guarantees the value of the product is extremely important. Prior to this you have determined that your product had value for your client, so focus the marketing on the benefits the product gives the customer.

Block 4: Strategically target your marketing to: their likes & dislikes, knowing what makes them happy or angry, and what keeps them up at night. Knowing the target market allows you to find where they congregate. "The internet is powerful because everyone congregates together based on similar beliefs, values ​​and interests" by Russell Bronson. Knowing this powerful information provides you the opportunity with the next step.

Block 5: This next step is getting your ads in front of you targeted market. The fun becomes marketing products that sell, finding where the clients are, and putting the ads in front of those clients.

So in summary, selling your product requires:

First, prepare by setting goals and a ready position in a format of taking affirmative action with plans to come back later and perfect the details.

Secondly, develop a landing page where you will collect many visitors' names and e-mail addresses. Then it requires adopting the appropriate attitude of getting it done. The landing page is a reasonably easy task and can be inexpensively outsourced. But you will need to provide the materials for the landing page and then get the page on to the Internet. It requires a domain name, a web-hosting site, and an auto-responder that retrieves the client's information.

Thirdly, an auto-responder allows you to collect customer's emails and name so that you can send campaigns of other products and services. In the follow-up campaigns e-mail messages you can create a trust building process through videos, sales letters and webinars. Follow-up marketing campaigns often called a sales page can answer the following questions: Who am I? What do I have? Why should my visitors want it? And how can they get it?

Fourth, make sure your product's claims are true! Also create a follow-up system with a list of testimonials to show them further proof because you have strategically marketed to your congregates likes, values ​​and interests.

Fifth, be informed about marketing your product to your customer and strategically targeting your marketing ads.


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