Did Comedian Jocelyn Chia’s Singaporean Father Publicly Disown Her?


If you’ll remember, a certain Singaporean-born, New York-based comedian Jocelyn Chia made waves in early June after some insensitive remarks about the MH370 tragedy. She’s been blasted, renounced by Singapore, and hunted down, but she refused to stay down.

Well, Jocelyn recently popped up again briefly after British band The 1975 lead singer Matty Healy’s actions at Good Vibes got the whole festival cancelled. While things did go quiet for a while after, someone, claiming to be her dad, recently publicly announced that they were disowning her!

Source: Instagram/@chiacomedy

Uploaded on 22nd July by an Anthony Chia Whye Liang, the Twitter post reads verbatim as such: “I publicly announce here for the first time, me and my beloved wife Shirley will disown our daughter @JocelynChia from here onwards till the day of our death. Her doing was my total failure in raising her to be a better person for society. The public deserved better then this.

However, netizens remain skeptical of the post and its author. Several have pointed out that the account @achiawhyeliang was only made in July. “You can read it, but don’t believe it,” one comment quipped. Another asked: “Is this a troll or what?”  Others were certain it was Jocelyn herself, still chasing clout. “Nice try, lol,” one stated.

Other netizens, mainly parents, were more sympathetic. “As a Malaysian, I am angry with her,” one comment read. “As a parent, I understand your feelings.” Another consoled “Anthony”, reminding him that Jocelyn was an adult with “a mind of her own“. “You did your level best, sir. She chose to become the person she is today. Chin up and be strong, sir,” they stated.

Source: Twitter/@achiawhyeliang
Source: Twitter/@achiawhyeliang

Previous posts showed “Anthony Chia” being supportive of his supposed daughter’s activities. Some posts also contained questionable and mocking remarks. Notably enough, the account’s first post is dated 6th July.

The post has since gone viral with over 1400 likes and 1000 retweets at the time of writing. It is understood that Jocelyn Chia’s parents are still Singaporeans and are living in Singapore currently. Jocelyn herself has yet to make a comment on the supposed post from her dad.

Sources: Twitter (1)(2)

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