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Did Online Marketing Kill the Travel Agent?

Did Online Marketing Kill the Travel Agent?

The world is going digital and so is the travel industry. Travelers and holiday makers are becoming more confident with researching and booking their trips and accommodation online. Do traditional travel agents still provide any value, when the travel bug comes creeping up on you?

Are travellers are turning their backs on conventional agencies?

The Cape Argus, a South African Newspaper, recently published an article on tourism without travel agents. In this article lodge owners and safari operators describe the benefits of exposing their business online. An owner of a boutique hotel in Cape Town now gets 90% of her business through her website. According to this article the future of conventional travel agents is looking bleak.

How Internet Marketing Is Changing the Travel Industry

The internet gives travellers the opportunity to research and book their holidays online. People have generally become more comfortable with the services the web has to offer and suddenly travel agents have become obsolete. Booking flights and accommodation has become a cheaper and very accessible online option. With the amount of information available on company websites and various social media channels, you don’t need to visit a travel agency to make an educated choice on your bookings. It is all done from the convenience of your own home.

Many lodges and tour operators are already utilizing the opportunities of a strong online presence. A visually appealing website with booking functionality seems to be the bare minimum nowadays. To stay ahead of the pack many businesses have implemented blogs, where they keep their customers updated about news and specials. Social Media channels provide an accessible option to build your brand and communicate with clients.

How to Use Internet Marketing for Your Business

Having a beautiful website is all well and good, but how will people find it? That’s right, they Google it. The one most important strategy to getting targeted visitors to your website is to improve your organic Google rankings.Getting your website ranked for relevant searches is exactly what will drive visitors to your website. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can do wonders for your business. Internet marketing may include Social Media marketing, AdWords Campaigns or implementing a blog to your website. The goal that unites these strategies is to get visitors to your site and convert them into customers.

Travel agents might not be dead, but they are moving online. This is where the power lies.


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