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Forex Trading Strategies

To successfully trade the forex market you will need a forex trading strategy that is flexible, effective, and easy to understand and implement. Many traders end up using trading strategies that are the exact opposite; they use strategies or systems that are inflexible, ineffective, and extremely complicated and confusing. The reasons that traders use such unnecessarily difficult trading strategies to trade forex often have to do with slick marketing campaigns by forex websites or outlandish claims of making big money with relatively little effort on the trader’s behalf. Most mechanical forex trading robots and forex indicator-based systems are ineffective because they try to define the market in strict terms that do not allow for any human discretion or decision making. Due to the d...[Read More]

Forex Trading Basics – Learn How to Read Forex Charts

Forex trading is no child’s play; hence you need to educate yourself well regarding this foreign exchange trading system before plunging in with your hard earned money. No transactions in the forex world are possible if you do not know how to read the charts. In fact this is one of the basic fundamentals which you need to master if you want to reap in rich rewards here. Forex charts can look very complicated and confusing in the beginning; but once you have learnt the basics, you too can read and interpret it like a pro. These charts may not look the same always and varies according to the settings and options of your choice. You can individually set the price display style and also the time frame of your choice which can vary anywhere from one second to ten years. Prices are also di...[Read More]

The 3 Most Profitable Forex Charts

A basic understanding of technical analysis can propel the novice FOREX trader from a micro account to the big leagues in record time, and it really isn’t that difficult to master once you comprehend the basics. At first glance all these charts and acronyms can seem daunting and can quickly scare the average novice trader away, but it’s really not as complicated as it looks. Let’s take a look at the three most popular FOREX charts out there right now. The Line Chart. This is the kind of chart that even non-traders are familiar with. It plots closing prices from one day to the next and connects the two points with a line, forming a jagged line with peaks and valleys from left to right. The general trend of a currency pair is very easy to identify as the price will either t...[Read More]

Learn More About Trading Forex Renko Charts – I Share 3 Secrets About Renko Charts Inside!

So you want to learn more about renko charts? I can teach you what I know about these relatively new forex price charts. Are you ready? A few years ago I was eager to find out more about renko charts. I spent countless hours scouring the internet and various forex trading websites in search of credible information which I could use. It was a very time-consuming task, but I wanted to know more about these “brand new” forex charts. In a nutshell I learned 3 important secrets about these currency trading charts and I want to share them with you! Grab a pen and get ready to jot down some very important information. Secret #1 – I learned that people like you and me can download and use these charts for FREE! Yes you can find forex renko charts available at most reputable forex...[Read More]

Popular Forex Charts

Line Charts are the most basic chart showing the movement of price with a single line. The line is drawn from one closing price to the next. There are more advanced line charts that will plot the high, low, and close. Bar charts are slightly more complex. A bar chart will show the opening and closing prices, as well as the high and low of the bar. The vertical part of the bar shows the range for your time period, then there is small horizontal bars sticking out of the main vertical bar. These small horizontal bars display the open and close for that bar. Candlestick charts show the same things as a bar chart but they just look a lot more appealing. Candlestick bars show you the high, low, open, and close for your time period. Your high and low range is displayed in the vertical line and th...[Read More]

Is It Feasible To Invest In Bitcoin?

Chances are that you are reading this article after the latest frenzy of Bitcoin value jump that saw it just shy of the $ 20,000 mark. Now you are looking for reasons to invest in this cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology. Here are some of the reasons you should: MORE TO COME The first thing many people think, when they hear of the current price, is that they are too late and people who are still buying Bitcoin are just jumping the bandwagon. In truth, with years of mining to come and the currency is still in infancy (more like teenage years), the value of it is still to rise and it is a sound investment. AUTOMATED TECHNOLOGY Blockchain is not just about cryptocurrency. It is the future of supply chain and fighting counterfeiting. Super smart protocols such a DAO (Decentralized Aut...[Read More]

Easy Ways Of Turning Bitcoin Trading Volatility In Your Favor

It would be true to say that Bitcoin has enjoyed a real explosion as far as popularity goes when we are talking about cryptocurrency. This very popular cryptocurrency has hit amongst investors, traders and consumers and everyone is working to make a kill trading in Bitcoin. It has so much to offer as far as lower fees, transaction speed and increasing value which could be the reason why most people choose it for their trading. This is, although a turbulent market and to make it big you need to be a very smart trader when selling and buying it. With dedication and discipline, you can turn Bitcoin volatility in your favor. Here are simple but effective ways you can do just that. Keep up with the latest Bitcoin news News items may not all have an impact this currency, but the truth is that th...[Read More]

The Great Idea, and a Niche! Make Focused Android Apps!

You’re Brilliant! Having an amazing idea for an app is fun! You’re going through your daily life, and you realise hey, you should make a to-do app to help you list out all the stuff you want to do. That’s awesome. You’re not gonna make much money with that though. Not with Android, and not unless you’re lucky (pretty confusing statements there). You see, the ideas you have are really good. Everyone could use a todo app (heck even I am in the midst of making such an app). The real issue here is how are you, as a small (most likely a 1 person army) going to compete against the monster big names? They are evil I tell you! Can you compete against Evernote or one of the bigger todo list maker? Well, seriously, you CAN! You’ll need a pinch of luck, an ounce of...[Read More]

Advantages of VPN

Virtual Private Network, generally called VPN, is an inspiration on tunnelling. The packets are built in VPN format and therefore encapsulated into other protocol’s carrier. After that, those packets are transmitted in between VPN server and customer with de-encapsulating on receiving part. VPN could exist with any country’s IP. Upon request, the provider can setup the particular VPN with its particular IP for any of those countries together with add on services and advantages to the clients. One of the most amazing parts of VPN is to let someone modify the IP no matter where you are when you are in business trip or travelling. After you modify the IP, you can use it to surf those websites that are strictly for its users only. is one of TV Streaming Show Website in US,...[Read More]

How to Virtualize Red Hat and CentOS Linux Physical Server Into VMware VSphere ESX Servers

Converting Red Hat and CentOS Linux physical server into VMware VSphere ESX servers is not an easy task as compare to MS Windows. It is even tougher is you have older version of Red Hat such as 7.2 or Linux box with software raid. I had successfully converted a few unit of Red Hat 7.2. and software-raid Linux box for past few years. The process of P2V migration needs some extra efforts and its challenging process. You may face all sorts of issues after P2V migration such as Kernel Panic or even worst is the Linux OS can not be booted up due to no virtual hard disk is found. Hot Cloning using VMware tools to be used for the conversion task: VMware ESXi 4.0.0 or ESX 4.0.0 VMware Converter Standalone 4.0.1 From experience this is the best tool to be used for P2V migration. I faced lots of iss...[Read More]

Choosing the Right Open Source Mail Server – The Strength of Postfix Vs Sendmail

When we consider the suitable Open Source Mail Server for a business organisation, it depends on many factors. Below are some factors that you might need include in your studies: A good track of security records Good performance under high load Hardware requirement Flexible to interact with databases in many formats Compatible to many SMTP variants in use Easy to customized Quality 3rd party plugins available Quality documentation is available Communities Support Similar to Qmail MTA, Postfix is created by a modular design (similar to Qmail) rather than a monolithic design (such as Sendmail). This make Postfix to have various advantages or strength compared to Sendmail. Below are some of reasons why some Email administrator prefer Postfix than other MTA system: Flexibility Due to Modular D...[Read More]

ICT Outsourcing Definitions and Types

ICT outsourcing can be said as one of the current trends for companies around the world to do their business processes. It is estimated that ICT outsourcing starts in the early 1990s where Kodak uses external partner to handle its ICT resources. As Kodak does not have the expertise in ICT, they hire another company to help them handle the ICT resources. This phenomenon occurs because companies would like to concentrate their core business functions among other benefits. After merely 20 years, outsourcing is now needed by a lot of companies mainly at customer support and also back-office processes and this effects Malaysia as well. Currently, Malaysia is known as a main outsourcing hub for the world, where it is currently ranked third globally behind China and India in the outsourcing indus...[Read More]

Easy Forex Trading Strategies – The Automated Forex Strategy Revealed

Easy forex trading strategies are required for you to be profitable in the already complicated foreign exchange market. The foreign exchange market is a trillion dollar trade involving millions of traders and speculators all over the world. It is not only a place for all winners to multiply their earnings from their original investment amount, but also a place where the losers are making the requests to obtain back what they have lost, or lose even more. If you are planning to venture into the foreign exchange business, the easiest way to succeed is duplicating the proven techniques practiced by the successful traders. With years of experience under their belt, the pros will be able to tell you which systems will make you lose your investments and which ones will make you rich. These techn...[Read More]

Free Forex Demo Accounts – 6 Popular Online Forex Brokers

Choosing a good forex broker can be a tricky business. The requirements that they need to fulfill are financial stability, experience in the business (measured in years) and they must offer reasonable spreads and good customer service. Listed below are a few online forex brokers that fulfill those requirements. In addition, they all offer free forex demo accounts for interested parties. Fxcm Fxcm is probably the most recognizable online forex broker in the world. A micro account can be opened with just $ 25. A great place for beginners to trade with a assortment of free tools seminars and online courses. They also have the lowest spreads on a micro account anywhere on the internet. They offer two trading software for clients, metatrader 4 and FX Trading station II. Their free forex demo ac...[Read More]

Online Foreign Currency Exchange Tips For Beginners

To learn about online foreign currency exchange, beginners would usually go online to look for information. The basics that all beginners should know is that there are a few major currency pairs that being traded, rarely the United States Dollars (USD), Japanese Yen (JPY), Great Britain Pound (GBP), Canadian Dollars (CAD), Aussie Dollars (AUD), European Dollars (EUR) and others. These currencies are usually traded in pairs, where you buy one and sell the other currencies eg you will trade USD / JPY, EUR / JPY or EUR / USD. In addition to knowing which major currency pairs are traded, beginners will also need to identify which forex broker to register with and what trading platform to use. It is always good to register with a regulated forex broker as they are more reliable. For those who a...[Read More]