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Using The COT Report To Trade Forex

The COT report or commitment of traders report is provided by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and is an excellent tool for forex and commodity traders to analyze what other participants are doing in the market. The COT report is published using data from Chicago and New York futures exchanges every Friday at 14.30 EST and is split between three groups; Commercial traders (typically hedgers), non-commercial traders (such as hedge funds and speculators) and non-reportable traders (such as retail traders). Why use the COT report? The COT report provides a way to see what the big players are doing in each market. By doing so we can find extremes in open position data and identify possible reversal points. For example, let's say that the COT report shows the majority of traders in ...[Read More]

Is Forex Fantasy a Scam?

As there are more bad Forex trading robots than good ones, it is good for traders to use caution when coming across a new software. Therefore, I think it's wise if you wonder if Forex Fantasy is a scam? It's good to have doubts as long as they do not paralyze you and prevent you from investing in your Forex trading potential. This article will provide you with an answer to this question so that you'll be able to make a better and more based decision. I look at any trading tool with extreme caution. I am not sure of anything. But I believe that Forex Fantasy is no scam. Here are the reasons why I believe so: 1. Forex Fantasy produces excellent results on testing – This is the first key when examining a new trading tool. If its tests are impressive, then it is highly likely...[Read More]

What Are PIPs?

I gave a brief description of PIPS in How The Foreign Exchange Market (Forex) Works . Now, I'll go into more detail about what they are and how they are used in Foreign Exchange Trading (FOREX). Pip Basics A Pip is the smallest increment in any currency pair rate. Since a pip is the smallest increase in a rate quote, it is represented at the last digit to the right of the decimal point. For example, in the currency rate EUR / USD = 1.3904 the last digit on the right is what you will use to calculate pips. If the currency rate has only two decimal places like the USD / JPY pair (USD / JPY = 119.56) the last decimal place is still a Pip. Pips are used to calculate profit and loss in FOREX transactions. For example, if you buy when the rate is EUR / USD = 1.3901 and sell when the rate is ...[Read More]

Binary Options Signals

They may provide information about currency pairings, commodities, stock or prices. They help a trader to understand the likely profitable trades available on the binary options market. They are delivered to traders by email, SMS or online so that traders can incorporated the signals in their regular trading regime. Binary options signals are an excellent solution if you want to diversify the scope of your trading and imitate the successful trades of someone with a good track record. It takes a lot of time and effort to get good at trading binaries. Signals provide a shortcut to successful trading. Choosing a binary options signal provider is a critical step in the process of using signals. Some of the providers will manipulate dating history and results so that they look better than they ...[Read More]

Robot Trading Forex Systems

Want to get potentially the largest return on your investment? Consider the Currency (Forex or Foreign Currency Exchange) market. It is the most powerful market regardless of any current economic indicators. Currencies have been traded longer than any other commodity – dating back to ancient times where coins were traded from country to country. It is a Global 7/24 trading system dependent not upon the stock market only on the values ​​of the different currencies (called currency pairs) in relation to each other. It can and does yield in many instances over 100% profit. Currency trading online came into play and was opened up to the general public in 1995. The market now trades more than $ 1.9 trillion daily. Before this only banks and large institutions and multilevel corporations c...[Read More]

Keeping Up With The Bitcoin

The Bitcoin is a cybercurrency that has attracted a lot of media attention over the last couple of years, and continues to do so. Bitcoin was set up by an anonymous group or individual in 2009, who used the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, after whom the smallest unit of Bitcoin currency is named. It is the first and arguably the most widely known cryptocurrency. Originally only of interest to the internet elite, the Bitcoin has gained wider appeal in recent years and commands respect in its own right on the foreign exchange. How does Bitcoin work? The finer details of how the Bitcoin works can be tricky to grasp, because it is not under central control like a conventional currency, but instead every transaction is collectively approved by a network of users. There are no coins and no notes, no...[Read More]

Forex Trading Systems Make Money Quickly

Automated Forex trading systems come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some readily on sophisticated computer algorithms with statistical variables computed in real time while others combine variations of stochastic, MACD, moving average, Fibonacci, and Elliot Wave theory principles to determine buy and sell points. Two systems using the exact same indicators for signals can vary broadly in their performance depending upon how they interpret these indicators and what thresholds are used. Another key aspect of these Forex trading systems is in how they manage money. Two identical FX trading systems can produce greatly differentiating results depending on how risk averse they are and whether they have an aggressive or conservative money management philosophy. The success rates of these Forex...[Read More]

Undisclosed Investment in Forex Trading

There is money to be made in forex trading, but it is not easy for a first time investor because of the risks involved and some undisclosed facts that I will distinguish. Forex trade is being traded on a much higher level than any other type of market you could think of in the world, trillions of dollars are handled everyday in forex trade. Which is to say that international banks do almost 73% of all forex trading, with some banks name being familiar to the world such names as Citigroup, Merrill Lynch and so on. National banks and other financial institutions account for another large amount of forex trading and transactions by "day traders". Individuals that are always regular such as you and I have made certain arrangements or taken records of 2% of all forex trade. In spite o...[Read More]

Forex Trading – An Introduction

Forex Trading as commonly called stands for Foreign Exchange Trading. It is the largest financial trading market in the world having a daily turnover in excess of US $ 1 Trillion. The figure signifies a volume amounting to about 28 times the combined volume of all US equity trading markets. Forex Trading means buying one foreign currency by paying in another. Each transaction involves a purchase and a sale of currency at the same time, since currency trading is always done in pairs for example USD / EUR or USD / GBP etc. Foreign Currency trading or Forex Trading is an undertaken for two purposes. About 5-7% of the transactions are undertaken by enterprises that do business in foreign lands or companies that have to convert their foreign currency earnings into domestic currency. The rest of...[Read More]

Forex Tracer Review Exposed

The automated Forex Tracer is one of the newest Forex robots in the market. This system creates and trades Forex Signals on autopilot, unlike some of the older systems. The software has been created by mathematicians and Forex experts. As the result the algorithms used yield the lowest risk with the highest returns. Before this automated Forex Tracer was released in the market it was tested thoroughly to ensure profitability. There has been documented proof of the system returning a total net profit of $ 335,083.47. That's over $ 25,000 per month! Imagine getting that on complete autopilot. As a currency trader, I personally use a few automated Forex systems. The reason for that is simple: diversifying my risk. Out of the 4 automated robots I use, I would have to say that the Forex Tra...[Read More]

Forex and Equity Trading Demos

Forex and equity trading demos are an easy way to learn the nuts and bolts of the forex market immediately and without the risks involved when you trade with a real money account. The foreign exchange is a dangerous financial market for beginners and intermediate traders too. Of course you can learn the basics of forex trading by reading books and taking online courses, but the best way to understand the forex market is by doing, ie trading the forex with a demo account online … This way you can get real- time quotes and practice the currency exchange market at your ease. Many forex brokers and financial websites offer forex and equity trading demos. Of course they give away the free software as a promotion for their paid services that you will pay for if you will open a real money a...[Read More]

A Simple Introduction to Bitcoin

Peer to peer technology has evolved to accommodate payment systems, as exemplified by Bitcoin. It is a digital currency that can be used for personal and business transactions at a reasonable cost. Sometimes referred to as the currency of the internet, Bitcoin is not subject to any central authority. Created some five years ago, it has grown in leaps and bounds with many speculators asserting that this rise will continue in the foreseeable future. More about Bitcoins Bitcoin is descriptive of the actual technology in play. These coins represent the currency itself and are the ones transacted. They are sent or received through wallet software running on a PC, a web app or a smartphone. They can be obtained through product and service exchanges, or through mining. What is Minning? Mining is ...[Read More]

Why Use Forex Signal Providers?

What does a Forex Signal Provider do? In brief Forex signal providers analyze the direction of the forex market by monitoring it and couple this using historical data that then send a trade signal to their subscribers. Seems simple enough that anyone can do it does not it? However, as you have no doubt guessed, it is not quite that simple. To start with a new or recently started Forex trader does not necessarily have all the historical data charted and already analyzed. You could of course go off and find all this but it would simply take so long you probably would not get around to even trading! Also, and probably most, again you might have already guessed, all the analysis of this historical data as well as all the constant Forex market monitoring takes time as well and the chance of mak...[Read More]

Automated Forex System Trading

Some of the most popular fresh pieces of technology to rock the financial world are unfortunately forex robots designed to maximize profits using an automated Forex system trading platform. These programs run in a completely hands-off manner and require no maintenance after the initial setup stage. If you are not very knowledgeable about forex these kinds of automatic robots can be a powerful way to take advantage of the highly volatile foreign currency trade marketplace. Forex robots are not only for the forex newbie. They can also be very profitable for an experienced trader. The autopilot nature of the software package eliminates the requirement to waste countless hours each day observing market trends and making challenging decisions. If you've been in the forex trading game for a ...[Read More]

Forex Tracer and FAPS

Forex Tracer and FAPS (Forex Autopilot System) are two leading automated Forex robots in the industry. Both of these systems can trade on autopilot allowing currency traders to maximize their profit potential. Forex Tracer and FAPS both have proven results with real money in a live Forex market. As a currency trader I have tested several automated systems as they enable me to maximize my returns. When I tested the Forex Tracer, I found that it was extremely efficient in Forex trading on autopilot. The system was also very simple to use and configure. In my first week I tested the system using the demo trading account to see if it could achieve what it claimed. Sure enough, the automated trading proved to be profitable. I put the live test the following week and was able to make a little ov...[Read More]