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Do not Overlook Your Email When Considering Your Brand Identity

Do not Overlook Your Email When Considering Your Brand Identity

You would not skip letterhead when sending out a sales letter – Or would you?

How many emails do you send each day? If you are anything like me, you probably send hundreds of emails for each one print letter. Most businesses use letterhead for their print correspondence but miss out on extending their branding to virtual communications. Should not you use each email as an opportunity to promote your business?

Do not ignore the benefits of e-stationary:

1. Consistency – Branding your business is all about perceived image – e-stationary can help maintain a consistent "identity" across all platforms – letterhead, website, e-stationary, etc.

2. Name / Face Recognition – This is especially important in the industries where it helps if your clients can recognize your name or face – include your picture on your e-banking for extra emphasis.

3. Differentiation – Email Stationary can set you apart from the competition. Your emails will be professional looking and will set you apart from the competition.

4. Inexpensive and Easy – E-stationary is easy to use and integrates with popular email software applications. Custom designed e-stationary can purchase for less then $ 100.

5. Always be Marketing – Use your e-stationary for all of your communications, even your personal communications. This will remind friends, colleges and clients what you do.

Think next time you send an email – Are you doing everything you can to build your brand identity.


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