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Do You Really Believe In Real Money?

Do You Really Believe In Real Money?


Before we answer that question we need to ascertain what is meant by real money as it means different things to different people, e.g. someone may hold up a handful of dollar bills and shout “this is real money”. Some would argue that a bank statement shows the amount of real money in his or her account. If it is an interest bearing account (a rare thing these days) they would argue that their real money is working for them, which it is to a degree. But ask yourself this question, does it hold its value?

I would suggest that real money is a tangible commodity which can act as a medium of exchange for goods and services. Some of the definitions of money are:

· Any circulating medium of exchange, including coins, and demand deposits.

· Paper money

· Gold, silver, or other metal in pieces of convenient form stamped by public authority and issued as a medium of exchange and measure of value.

I think this last definition could be applied to real money.

Mediums of exchange

The first known mediums of exchange which were coins were struck under King Ardys, (652-615 B.C.) ruler of Lydia; located in modern-day Turkey. I will come back to Turkey later. The coins were struck from electrum, a naturally occurring alloy of gold and silver that was found in quantity in the mountains and streams of the country. These coins had value, the value being dependant on its weight and content of the gold or silver. They were the first examples of real money. Moving on to the present day the recognised medium of exchange is fiat money.

Fiat Money

OK, so what is fiat money? It is money or medium of exchange which has no intrinsic value and cannot be redeemed for specie or any commodity, but is made legal tender through government decree. All modern paper currencies are fiat money, as are most modern coins. The value of fiat money depends on the strength of the issuing country’s economy. Inflation results when a government issues too much fiat money. Fiat money is a worthless commodity produced in its millions by the governments of today, the US probably taking the top position creating debt like there is no tomorrow. America’s debt is spiralling out of control to such a degree that that it is getting far beyond the nation’s ability to repay it. The latest forecast, according to the IMF is that the Federal debt ratio to GDP will hit 115% by 2020. That is not very far away. What is that going to do to the confidence of the once almighty US Dollar? It will be worth a lot less than it is today, your savings and family wealth will devalue in the process.

Switching to real money

Investment advisers are recommending that their clients switch a portion of their paper assets into gold and silver. That is all very well, but can be easier said than done. OK, your adviser may have a contact but you will pay a commission for the privilege and you probably won’t get it at the market price of the day. There may be storage charges and insurance to pay. Once you have bought the gold bullion how secure is it and how easy will it be to sell and at what price?

The gold kinebar

The gold kinebar is being produced by a German Company who own their own gold mine in Turkey, their own smelting operation, mint and transport operation. These kinebars are being produced in 1 gram, 1/2 gram 24K 999.9 quality bars, each having a unique serial number laser cut into it and a hologram which guarantees its quality to the international financial markets. They intend to produce a 1/4 gram gold kinerbar. So what they are doing is in effect producing what could become the modern day real money and medium of exchange of the future. The other advantages of dealing with this company are that there is no mark up, hidden charges or commissions. You buy the gold direct from them, the gold producer, at their market price on the dealing day. They will store the gold kinebars in your name free of charge in their secure vaults located in St Gotthard Massif, in Switzerland. It will be in good company as this is where the Swiss Government holds their gold!

Should you want to sell some of you bars, no problem, just notify the company how many you want to sell and within two to three days fiat money will be transferred back to your bank account. If, say in a couple of months you want to add to your real money account then just order some more gold kinebars.

So do you really believe in real money?

It is in my view a no brainer question. It is well known and documented that fiat money destroys hard earned accumulated wealth. Real money will protect it and this German company is about to set the wheels in motion for the masses to acquire real money assets to ensure that they can protect their family wealth for their later years and future generations. The company also offer an excellent free bonus to those who are interested.


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