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Dumaguete City is a Great University Town to Visit

Dumaguete City is a Great University Town to Visit

Dumaguete is a city with a little more than 150,000 citizen during the summer, but during school time this number grows almost double in size. This is because Dumaguete is the number one University town in the Visayas and thrives mostly because of its influx of students every semester and every year.

The University with the biggest campus is Silliman University. Silliman University was founded on August 28, 1901, by American missionaries. The initial set up in the early days of the University was only restricted to Elementary and High School departments, but eventually evolved into a full University with a College department. Silliman University also abbreviated as SU is the oldest university in Dumaguete and SU was the first University in the Philippines to establish a campus radio station in the 1950s called DYSR.

Now Silliman University has 7,000 students enrolled and still counting. Silliman University has a very big campus that stretches out through many districts in Dumaguete. SU has a marine laboratory in which they research the marine activities in the surrounding areas and in the entire Philippines. The university also has their own farm where animals are bred and milk and eggs are being manufactured. There are even housing projects throughout the districts of Dumaguete city for Silliman teachers, staff and students.

Silliman offers many undergraduate degrees, master degrees and doctorate degrees. You can get any undergraduate degree at Silliman University that you could wish for, but the university should have more doctorate degrees available for the hopefuls.

Dumaguete would not be called a university town if there was only one university present. Dumaguete is also home to another university called Negros Oriental State University in short NORSU. The roots of the Negros Oriental State University are different than Silliman University, because it is a state college and used to be a public school. Silliman University on the other hand is a private university and therefore charges a lot more on its tuition than other schools. Negros Oriental State University is also located in different areas of Dumaguete.

You can find campuses of the Negros Oriental State University in different places in Negros even and there is a college campus in almost every city throughout Negros Oriental. NORSU offers many undergraduate, master, and doctorate degrees which are not only qualitative but also very affordable. Dumaguete is also home of two other Universities. The first one is called Foundation University and is a private school. Foundation University has a beautiful campus with fountains and a lot of greens, and this university has even its own campus radio called Greyhound DYFU. The other university that can be found in Dumaguete is the St. Paul University. This school is a catholic school and is run by nuns. The big difference about this university is that the campus is more compact and that there are masses and prayers held every day, since it is a catholic school.

Dumaguete lives its status through the universities that reside in the city of gentle people. The universities stand for education and you see that Dumaguete City values education so that we all will live great lives.


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