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E commerce

E-commerce Solutions – Joomla Development

E-commerce Solutions – Joomla Development

S-Axxis is a premium software solution company that’s known for the quality and the thoroughness of its solutions. We believe in thinking out of the box to improve the clients business by any means and technology possible. This conviction has led us to create teams that are highly complementary and multi disciplined. Our commitment to the client rather than to the industry and our flexibility enable us to provide multi faceted and unique solutions to our clients. This aligns with our credo that each clients needs are unique and must be solved with equally unique solutions.

Years of industry experience has given us a unique perspective into the deprecated processes and systems still in place at many contemporary software companies. This perspective led us to conclusions that were polar opposites of those reached by our contemporaries. While they try to avoid change or flexibility during the execution of the process or solution, we accept changing requirements and clients needs as the norm and not the exception. Using agile programming practices together with organized high level planning, business analysis and regular customer feedback we are able to deliver solutions that are cost effective and relevant to their time and place.

S-Axxis Software solutions is highly professional software Development Company, one that exceeds its goals and makes you look good, which is really important. I bet that you are much more interested in smooth work flow, easy access to Development team and project. The most important of all being the project completed on-time and, preferably under your budget.

S-Axxis Software solutions focus on full life cycle software projects and have developed Numerous E-commerce/Web Application projects for our clients. We are working on Internet Technologies. Whether a personalized e-commerce solution or a scalable Internet portal, or database application.

Vision: – To provide best-in-class products & services that is cost-effective without compromising quality.

Mission:-Constant pursuit of excellence through solutions, technology and service. With an unrelenting drive to provide the best solutions, linking our core competencies with our customer’s business requirements in ways that ensure that we are the customers preferred technology partner.

S -Axxis Software Solutions follows different type of Business Models to suit client’s requirements.

The Business Models are as follows:-

o Fixed Bid Model

o Hourly Basis Model

o Dynamic Model

  • Dedicated Developer Model
  • Technology Portfolio: S-Axxis Software solutions have a wide range of expertise in various technology platforms. Hence our expert technical staff is hand picked, consisting of Developers, Designers, Analysts, Team leaders and Project Leaders whose matching skills provide excellent solutions on time.

    Application Development:

    Visual Basic, .Net (ASP. Net, VB.Net, C#. Net), Java.

    Database Platforms:

    MS-SQL Server, DB2, MySql, MS-Access, and other xBases.

    Internet and Intranet Development:

    Java Script, VB Script, ASP, PHP, JSP, HTML, DHTML, XML, UML, XSLT.


    Flash MX, Action scripting, Dream weaver, Director, Image Ready, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, PageMaker.

    WEB / Application Servers:

    Apache Web Server, Web Logic, Internet Information Server 4.0, Tomcat and Java Web Server.

    Component Technology:

    COM/DCOM, Java Beans, ActiveX, Assurance Tools, Win Runner and Load Runner.

    Microsoft, Oracle, Java, ASP, – S-Axxis Software solutions Research and Development group keeps one step ahead of the technology curve.

    Clients Value Proposition: S-Axxis Software solutions have the ability and the processes to deliver projects within time and budget constraints with excellent quality.

    For details on how S-Axxis Software solutions can help you, contact us today and apply the S-Axxis Software solutions advantage to your business needs.


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