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E commerce

WordPress Development – A Great Option for Small Firms

Would you take part in a business conference without carrying your business card? You wouldn’t. But many small businesses do not carry something a lot more important than that: the address of their websites. And why not? Because they are frightened by the very idea of creating a website, and all the effort they’d need to manage it. A well-developed website can help you earn a lot of money, and the absence of website means that you are totally unconnected to a major part of the market. It’s easy for big organizations to pay hefty sums and get attractive websites developed and hire webmasters to manage the content, but small businesses are unsure of the investment they need to make in websites. Thankfully, they can take advantage of WordPress development which makes website...[Read More]

8 Essentials For Building Your Online Revenues

I’ve always wanted to write a headline like “10 Lessons Guaranteed to Improve…”. You see these all the time and they attract an incredible number of readers and eyeballs…but then I almost changed my mind. Usually, when you read through the article you discover that the “lessons” are generally a sales blurb for the company. Like me a few years ago, I’m sure that what you really want are some very specific tips on what you can do, today, to make your hotel website more prominent in the Search Engine Results Pages (or if you like acronyms, the SERP’s). So, not to disappoint you, here are 8 sure fire, practical things to do including, at the end of this article, a final tip that always produces results. 1 – Make your web site the defa...[Read More]

Cyber Security

The increased growth and adoption of web 2.0 technologies, the platforms that enable the publishing of user generated contents has led to the creation of another dimension in which human existence called the cyberspace. In the cyberspace, people interact just as they do in the physical space. They socialize, conduct businesses, study, share and store materials, and even entrust highly valued assets (in terms of information) for easy access, availability, and safe keeping. Cyber security is essential to govern the conducts and manners of interacting with the computer systems and other user in the cyber security. Without a sense of security, various activities like e-commerce, care-free socializing, business networking and the like would not be possible and hence set a hurdle in this mobile ...[Read More]

7 Out Of The Box Uses Of Coupon Codes

By every passing day, earning money is becoming more and more difficult globally, and this is the reason why people of this century are more into saving their hard earned money. As the habit of saving is spreading like wildfire, every industry is on the verge of offering discounts in their way. With e-commerce and retail shopping on the boom, organisations related with the shopping industry are putting up more emphasis on making sales through discounts and flash sales. Singles day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and many other shopping days are designed to give a boost to the sales. These cash raking days have become a spinal cord of every industry, and every organisation is seen offering coupon codes, voucher codes and discount codes so that maximum people can be benefited from the sales. It ...[Read More]

Bespoke Software Advantages and Disadvantages

Bespoke software development is an approach, in which applications or other solutions are developed specifically for the customer needs. Unlike off-the-shelf products, these applications aren’t for the wide audience. In terms of the outsourcing, the tailor-made production can be developed both by the in-house and third-party team. Off-the-shelf solutions provide the market with the commonly used range of features. Bespoke program development companies aim for the individual needs of the customer. For example, Skype matches needs of many users, but still, it may not cater to one’s specific requirements. NECESSITY OF THE BESPOKE SOFTWARE The first question coming up here – is why’d not use the off-the-shelf solutions? There are many reasons for this. First, custom too...[Read More]

The Power of Social Media for Growing a Reader Base

If you’re anything like the average internet user, you’ve spent your fair share of time camped out on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and blogs. While you may feel that your time would be better spent working on your next manuscript, the truth is that as a self-published author having a strong social media presence is more important than ever for attracting and growing a loyal audience. Social media has become a part of everyday life and if the trend during the past two decades is any indication, we can safely assume that it is here to stay and will continue to boom as a powerful marketing tool. Instead of viewing your social media accounts as time-sucking distractions, make the shift towards seeing them as effective and affordable ways to connect with more of your pr...[Read More]

Key Advantages of Mobile CRM Software for Higher Sales

Smartphone technology is so victorious that it stays connected to you most of the time. It stays active throughout the time and keeps you engaged. You go inactive when you sleep off, but your phone stays live in the role. This fact is not confined to me, you or your customers or any other business owner. It is the story of almost all of us. So, when smartphones are such an important part of human life, why don’t you capitalize its utility? As smartphones are superiorly smart, easy to access anywhere and broadly available, they can be utilized for your business too. You can extend the utility by integrating mobiles with your CRM technology. SugarCRM and SuiteCRM are the two most successful technologies that empower business processing. Integration of these technologies with mobile can...[Read More]

Content Management

More and more businesses are recognizing the importance of content management when it comes to their websites. Website content is more important than ever before, and as the Internet matures and changes, it is likely to become even more important. Many smart companies are beginning to make their website content the centerpiece of their Internet presence. Content management means many things to different people, but it is generally understood to be the concept of separating the design and layout of a website from the actual content contained on that website. This allows a company’s web developer to do his job more efficiently and not get bogged down with endless requests for changes, additions and deletions to the content of the web page. More importantly, it allows employees who are ...[Read More]

Executive Proposal and Web Design

Website Management Project: Online Inventory Purpose Manufacturers and Retailers Can Reduce Inventory Waste and More Precisely Target Customers What is the purpose of the site? Do you want to provide information, promote a service, sell a product… ? ‘On the manufacturing side, consider the example of a tile manufacturer, one of our clients. Long accustomed to selling via dealers, this company wanted to create direct relationships with consumers. As part of this initiative, the company began to track the specific SKUs customers were inquiring about on its Website or mobile app. By tracking and analyzing this data, the manufacturer could identify the most popular SKUs and funnel this information back into its inventory planning systems to ensure the most in-demand products will a...[Read More]

Importance Of Smart Web Design For Internet Business Owners

Having an e-commerce enabled website for your business is like having a 24×7 retail presence open to a potentially global customer base. This has tremendous business implications and can contribute much more significantly to your business growth if you paid attention to the basics of web design. Web design that conveys your brand value It is a well-known fact that customers are induced to buy a product not only by its features and benefits but also by the service as well as the experiential environment at a retail outlet. People do not buy products but the brand experience and there are many successful brands who have demonstrated the power of using the retail environment as an expression of the comprehensive brand experience. From automobiles to electronics to travel related brands, ...[Read More]

iPhone Application Development – A Lucrative and Growing Industry

Following various technological developments, the mobile phone industry has also witnessed the technological advancement with the most recent being the iPhone, which actually are 3rd generation smart phones. In fact, their introduction could be considered a revolution in the advancement of mobile technology as an iPhone combines the useful functions of three devices including a hi-tech phone, a widescreen iPod and an internet device. Today, the iPhone has enveloped a great market of the mobile phone industry. Consequently, more and more application that is compatible with the operating system as well as the platform of the iPhone are being developed and launched in the market, so that people may easily download and configure it on their iPhones easily. Due to busy lifestyles, more and more...[Read More]

Custom Mobile Development

Mobile phones have become one of the best marketing tools for all types of business. With the evolution of 3G and smart phones, majority of businesses are looking at mobile development to promote their businesses. This has also pushed the demand for good mobile developers to newer heights. Be it iPhone application or other smartphone apps, businesses are leaving no stone unturned to promote their businesses. The quality that has made this form of development such an attractive proposition is the fact that mobiles are no longer restricted as communication device only, but have become a complete multimedia device. From online banking to e-commerce, mobile phones are one of the most important gadgets in our lives. With the number of users accessing the Internet through their mobile phones, th...[Read More]

How To Use Technology To Expand Your Small Business

Did you ever try to think how technology brings a change in our economy? Have you ever tried to notice and realized the existence of your business without the technology? You would have simplified a lot of things which were full of complexities with the help of technology. When you start thinking about the technology, you would realize that it enabled a small business to reach the top despite the tough competition. You would have managed all tasks by assigning it manually without the internet, emails, mobile marketing, telecommunication channels and a lot more. Now, you can’t deny the importance of technology as businesses have experienced a huge growth in the last decade. Time tracking software, employee scheduling system, time clocks, task management tools, CRM and a lot more optio...[Read More]

The Changing Trends in the Tourism Industry

Travel and tourism is one such field which experiences rapid growth in the past few years. Much of the credit goes to the fast developing online technologies and smartphone trend which has almost changed the face of commerce by introducing a new concept, e-commerce. Transition to online systems: A majority of the tourism industry has gone online and is mostly run by online bookings and online transactions. A fast, responsive, system of web sites and mobile applications have made the booking of rooms a cakewalk and anyone can book rooms, check the price or check availability effortlessly via dedicated applications with smooth, user-friendly interface. The main reason behind such a rapid transition to online systems with fast, responsive web sites hosted via powerful servers is the top class...[Read More]

IoT Is a Boon to the Indian Dairy Industry

Ever wondered how powerful the technology of the internet is that it is able to connect the entire globe with just a few threads of connection? From your mobile backup to the ginormous volume of data of a tech giant, everything is amassed up there in that little cloud and we don’t even realize how it keeps everything simple and easy for us on the fly. Gartner foresees, 8.4 billion connected “things” will be in use in 2017, up 31 percent from 2016. The strength of the internet is unimaginably immense. It is equally beneficent in all the sectors of the industry, be it Technology, Health, Agriculture, E-Commerce, Telecom or for that matter the Dairy Industry which is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The Indian Dairy Industry has so far made a commendable p...[Read More]