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E commerce

Various Trends of Online Shopping in India

The internet has been around in India since quite some time now. However, e-commerce has picked up only recently. Shopping online is slowly growing up in India too. However, due to the relatively slow penetration of the internet in many part of the country, online shopping is limited to only major metros in India. Let us inquire about online shopping trends in this part of the world. Ecommerce can be thought of as an activity wherein the customer uses the internet to order a product or service. In most circumstances, the transaction may happen online also. Online shopping places a heavy demand on the use of the internet. One major hurdle that online shopping faces is the security of transactions, since it is necessary for shoppers to submit their financial details on the web too. Currently...[Read More]

Mobile Apps Development That Fuel Business Growth

Smartphones have totally changed the way businesses work. Mobile apps have given businesses a more mobile mode of working. Smart phones of today can be seamlessly integrated into all kinds of businesses – be it eCommerce, small or large businesses or enterprises. Mobile apps help enhance the way customers interact with businesses. It also helps employees of larger enterprises work more efficiently hence improving productivity. Customers of today demand everything at their finger tips. If businesses do not provide such services, they will definitely see a steep decline in the number of customers. Well, Android and iPhone apps development has seen an exponential rise in the past few years. Mobile apps have become a catalyst that boosts business growth. Mobile apps development is a boom...[Read More]

How to Choose the Best Android App Development Company

Nowadays, a business does not flourish fast without having a mobile-friendly nature. As the e-commerce industry is getting bigger every day, launching mobile applications for business becomes a necessary thing. Android app developers are taking a huge advantage of this situation as the global share of the Android operating system is larger than others. Companies offering mobile app development services are also increasing their numbers to meet the demand of the business. But, choosing the best agency for the app development is not an easy task to accomplish. Top-rated Android development companies come up with some significant characteristics that help a company go better and faster digitally. The content explores how you can choose the best Android development company for your service. Wh...[Read More]

5 Factors to Consider When Buying Toys for Children

You could say that parents are overly protective and choosy when it comes to buying toys for their children. This is a natural response to most parents, especially because the welfare and safety of their child is what’s always on their mind. When it comes to buying toys for kids, there are plenty of options to choose from. You may find a variety of colors, shapes, designs, and brands available at your local department store or even online stores. This may lead to confusion for some parents, especially if it is their first time to buy one, or if they don’t have any idea yet what toys to buy. Don’t worry just yet. Buying toys for your children is not actually as hard it seems. There are guidelines to follow and of course factors to consider in order to find the right toys f...[Read More]

Mobile Phone Technology Makes mCommerce a Reality

In recent years, mobile commerce, or mCommerce, has developed into a major marketing tool for many industries. In the same way the Internet revolutionized communications and marketing, mobile communications technology has greatly refined the way business is done. Essentially, mCommerce is in reference to a business transaction using any type of mobile device, including a mobile telephone or a personal digital assistant. Going to the store to shop has become archaic, with modern shoppers able to survey, select and purchase products from their own smart phone. According to one research study, nearly 40% of the their owners have used smart phones to make at least one transaction. And eCommerce is growing every year, with more than four billion mobile telephone users throughout the world. This...[Read More]

7 Ways of Attracting New Customers to Your Online Store

Returning and regular customers ensure a steady business for an online e-commerce merchant. Yet attracting new customers is equally important in terms of business growth and profit. The trend of online shopping is ever-increasing and to tap into this expanding customer base it is important for all the online store owners to increase the number of new customers. New customers mean new business and more profit. In the huge competitive online market, all the merchants are trying to acquire new customers and then turning them into returning and permanent customers. Attracting new customers is really tough as all your competitors are trying to do the same with the flashy advertisement, price reduction, discount and so on and on. Yet to continue your business growth you need to be focused on gai...[Read More]

Go Through 10 Web Design Trends That Will Transform Your Business

Surviving in the online world is no small deal. The ever changing web makes it difficult for the businesses to sustain their growth and position and a single mistake can lead to a doom in their business. In the same way, following the latest trends allows the businesses to grow and prosper and this is where experts and professional help comes into the picture. With the growing requirement of web designing, there has been an increase in web designing services. All these technologically sound countries have an established IT services sector where all development and designing work takes place. 10 Trends that will help you ‘Transform’: If your website is old, it definitely needs a makeover. For a professional and trendy looking website, you need to contact a web designing company ...[Read More]

Big Data Made Small With Hadoop

Technology growth within the last decade has been so huge that things once considered inconceivable are now common place and functions and jobs that once required high skills and intensive training can now be performed by almost anyone. The last decade has seen a huge growth in ecommerce; the buying and selling of goods and services online. While the idea of ​​someone you have never met in person working with you online on a daily basis is now an everyday norm. As companies specialize and strive towards maximizing efficiency more and more companies are now looking to hire people online for certain types of jobs and services. The database industry has been booming over the last half or so, with the popularization of the Hadoop framework, large companies who previously hired specialist firms...[Read More]

Most Common Training Courses Of IT

Each and every part of our history is marked by certain development. For this present era, the hallmark development is the Information and Technology(IT). In this computerized age, almost all activities seem to be dominated by this development. Every human activity is a business in one way or the other. IT is becoming significant for functioning and operating businesses. It ensures smooth functioning of various business’s departments such as manufacturing, human resource, finance and other security departments. Moreover, the effectiveness of doing business on web is flourishing with every passing day. Every business, which employs certain skills of information and technology, is on the verge of success with this marketing trend. Internet marketing is growing rapidly and most of the f...[Read More]

Optimize A Fashion Website For Your Target Audience

The US fashion e-commerce industry has maintained a steep growth curve over the last four years. In 2013, apparel and accessories sales accounted for 17 percent of the total retail e-commerce sales in the US, and by 2016, it is predicted to become a 73 billion dollar market. The total revenues from the US fashion e-tail sector are expected to reach 86 billion dollars in 2018. If you want to secure a lion's share of the pie in this fast-growing industry, you can not neglect your online audience. No wonder, from industry bigwigs to small luxury brands, all types of virtual fashion houses are striving to optimize their stores for new generation consumers, who are social media savvy, and essentially look into various online channels for inspiration. The 'optimum' formula Website op...[Read More]

10 Reasons to Choose WooCommerce

There are many e-commerce carts out there. Some are feature crammed but too tough to use, while others are expensive to run. As a small business owner if you want a shopping cart that you can easily manage on your own and at the same time avail the necessary features for sale and conversion optimization, nothing can be a better option than WooCommerce. The WooCommerce shopping cart plugin can help you launch a self-hosted, WordPress-based online store in no time. Here are 10 reasons why Wocommerce is considered perfect for small businesses. 1. It is Free It is a free open source plugin. Its additional extensions and support also cost less compared to other carts. Therefore, it reduces your overall budget making this plugin perfect for small businesses and start-ups. 2. Huge Flexibility Thi...[Read More]

A Product Review of the New Buyable Pins

A product review of Shopify buyable pins. Sell products on Pinterest with buyable pins. Here is my product review. How exciting it is to introduce the new pins! Here is how to get started selling. Simply open a new online store, select a package, theme, a store name and a design. Enter simple billing information and payment method to begin. Viola your store has been created. The best part is that once you design your store the buyable pins can easily be added to create a new niche. To begin with pins, simply design a rich pin with product details or a simple buyable pin with a buy it button. This is a simplistic concept meant to increase sales. Maximize sales by joining a great product niche. How exciting it is to pioneer this great e-commerce market. As this product rolls out at the end o...[Read More]

FBA – Fulfillment by Amazon

You may have read about FBA on many websites, especially on Amazon. FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon. What is it and how does it work? Can you save money or enjoy other benefits with this offer or process? If you are looking for answers to these questions, you are on the right page. FBA is a process through which Amazon keeps a stock of a seller's goods and then list them on their site for sale. Aside from this, the company receives payments for each order placed online and the deliveries the required goods to each buyer. With the help of this process, a lot of stores have enjoyed a good deal of growth in their sales. Some stores have Amazon complete the orders for goods. Typically, the goods are sent directly to the buyers by the sellers selling directly on Amazon. At times, it ha...[Read More]

Professional Web Designer's Implements Innovative Concepts and Uses Latest Tools

Web Design is the process of creating a website that contains applications and documents. The efficaciousness of web design is helpful in building a powerful brand image and triggers the rate of the businesses. If you are any business proprietor then having a quality website is immeasurably vital for the good growth of business. Dynamic and Interactive Web Design The vital point while designing the website is, it must be informative, eye catching and usable. Web design is all about skills of creating presentations. The three basic languages ​​that are used for designing the website are Java Script, CSS, and HTML. It is also very important for the website to have a good ranking on the search engine and vision towards the target audience. Here, innovation, skills and experience is vital to c...[Read More]

4 Reasons Why The Retail Industry Should Invest In Mobile App Development

Smartphones are no more a luxury, and the traditional means of shopping are not the only means. Research reveals that in the US, sales that occurred via smartphones increased by 101 percent in 2016's first quarter. The purpose of any mobile app development company is to reconstruct the traditional shopping practices sequentially improving the model of mobile marketing. A mobile app, for now, is not just the future of e-commerce but also for retail. For clients to instantly get what they want, smartphone apps serve as a personal browsing and comparison tool in their hands. Mobile shopping is approaching wider popularity, for the convenience it provides. As an exit, mobile app development companies offer high-quality and cost-effective technology solutions. It's more of m-commerce, n...[Read More]