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What Every Employee Should Know About Non-Compete-Non-Solicitation Contracts

A non-compete contract is an agreement signed by an employee where he or she agrees that they will not engage in certain employment within a certain geographic area for a certain period of time after they quit or are fired. Likewise, a non-solicitation contract binds the employee not to contact the employer’s customers or remaining employees under the same conditions. These restrictive contracts have become more prevalent in Michigan, especially in the technology sector where companies believe they have legitimate business interests that need to be protected. Non-compete and non-solicitation contracts created a number of very difficult issues for the employees. And it is not just upper level workers who are often muscled into signing such contracts. It should not surprise anyone that...[Read More]

Top 5 Best Flash Websites Ever

5: NEOSTREAM Interactive This is a great multimedia company with very nice animations. The preloader is great to watch and when it’s finished the fun really begins. The main figure on the page waits when you press a button but it’s so much fun to wait a second and hit the figure with your mouse a few times. If you’re ready (after a few minutes hitting), press a button and watch all the different animations. Because of the nice animations I had to click all the links one by one. A very nice flash website which deserves a number 5 place. 4: 2Advanced Studios Who doesn’t know this website. I guess this is the most discussed website ever. Maybe most people think this is number 1 ever but I think differently because they didn’t update the site graphics for a long t...[Read More]

Dogs in Tibetan Buddhism and in Buddhist Monasteries

Among all the animals in the world, it is the faithful dog that evokes the most positive emotions in people. Being pack animals, dogs are known for their loyalty and allegiance to their masters. These animals can also prove to be faithful companions when times are tough. As such, there is a bond that grows between humans and dogs that expand into multitudes of cultures. This is what gives way to the symbolism of dogs in Tibetan Buddhism. In this mode of Buddhism, dogs rise far above being mere pets. Instead, they take on many components of religious symbolism. This is why the imagery of dogs in Tibetan Buddhism deserves a closer examination. Such an exploration will reveal much of the somewhat hidden symbolism these four legged creatures represent. One of the common questions people will p...[Read More]

Wholesale Salvage Merchandise: A Definition

Wholesale salvage merchandise is a product category used in the wholesale and closeout business to refer to merchandise that has either been damaged, or has been exposed to a situation in which the potential for damage is high. Salvage is a term that was first used to refer to products that were transported on trains that derailed. For instance, if a train was transporting a container of electronics, and a derailment took place, the insurance company would pay the owner of the load for the damaged electronics. The insurance company would then take possession of the damaged merchandise and dispose of it through wholesale channels. A salvage buyer primarily purchases inventory that could have become distressed due to an accident, fire, or flood. While the salvage buyer can purchase this type...[Read More]

Features of an Order Management System

An Order Management System (OMS) is software used by many industries to enter and manage the order processing. The OMS normally would be an integrated system supporting the order entry, order management and order delivery. Preferably this should be a centralized system with on-line updates, so that customers, sales representative, delivery agents are all accessing and updating a single system and up-to-date information is available to all. The orders could come from multiple sources, viz. customer call, fax, e-mail, EDI, mobile device (salesmen carrying a mobile device), internet etc. Order Management would involve: Order search, customer search, order modification, approval, cancellation, order copy, product search, product substitutes etc. There could be multiple delivery mechanism viz. ...[Read More]

6 Rhetorical Techniques To Help You Present Like A Pro

When it comes to preparing a presentation, most people devote the lion’s share of their prep time to putting together their Powerpoint slides. But think about the last presentation you attended, and tell me what you remembered. The slides? Nah. The presenter? Right. The best slideshow in the world can’t make up for bad delivery, but a good presenter can hold an audience without using a single slide. In an increasingly commoditised market, a memorable presentation gives you an edge over your competitors. So forget about Powerpoint for a while, and let’s look at 5 rhetorical techniques that can help you deliver memorable, enjoyable and persuasive presentations. 1. Onomatopoeia A long word, but a simple concept. Words like BANG! WHAM! WHOOSH! POW! KER-CHING! etc. are all gre...[Read More]

Is eBid a Legitimate Online Marketplace?

eBid vs. eBay review It is no big surprise that eBay is king of the auction marketplace. To many of us, eBay and auction marketplace are synonymous. Starting out as a source for people to sell their used computers, computer parts, electronics, etc, they quickly dominated this selling niche. However, with both buyer and seller satisfaction at an all-time low, many sellers are looking elsewhere to offer their wares to internet buying public. Buyers are seeing this and beginning to follow suit. One alternative is eBid, an internet auction and fixed priced site with many of the features buyers and sellers have grown accustomed to-Often at a much lower price. eBid and eBay both offer offer a variety of items in different categories: clothing, shoes, computers, electronics, you name it you can g...[Read More]

The Top B2B Sourcing Websites

Everybody sourcing products from overseas has heard of Alibaba, but for people looking for great deals on products directly from factories should check out this list. New websites have been hitting the scene, and some of them are really helpful for the larger businesses or the work at home eBay seller. Niche Directories – These websites are focused on a particular industry and often provide better tools and filtering of information. MFG – The best website for sourcing parts. Upload your projects, and get quotes from suppliers around the world. Also, the members have been active in leaving feedback on suppliers. You can now also source textiles using MFG. Jeff Beezos from is an owner of this company. Panjiva – Great for sourcing garment manufacturers, their appr...[Read More]

Why The Internet Of Things Is The Biggest Tweak In The Digital India Construct

India is on the cusp of innovation and is going all guns blazing to digitize the citizen-centric services. One of the greatest challenges testing this collective vision will be to prudently channelize gains, to refine the standard of living of the poorest of poor. We just need to put a series of interconnected devices exchanging information with one another into any digital channel, and the benefits of urban amenities will become accessible to all citizens. This is precisely the purpose which the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) serves. IoT lends intelligence to the citizen-centric services through a precisely designed network of devices and sensors that facilitates intelligent communication between a user and a device or between two devices. India’s service sector is still ev...[Read More]

Edit Website Online: It’s Easy, Affordable, and Convenient

Just when you thought the hard part of designing and launching your website was done, you’ve come to realize that maintaining it can be just as equally challenging. It’s this ongoing concern, and inevitable frustration, that leads many website owners to shell out a ton of cash in order for someone else to make the needed changes they need on their website. What many website owners don’t know, or are beginning to discover, is that now, you can edit your website yourself, anytime you want, and from anywhere. All by using an online website editor. But Why Should You Edit A Website Online? It’s the easiest way to edit your website You don’t have to download any software You don’t need any training You don’t need to learn any programming languages, or d...[Read More]

Does Your Church Need a Website? Benefits of Having a Website for Your Church

Some people would say that a church doesn’t need a website, however I would disagree. There are many benefits to your church that come along with having a website and if you choose to not have a website you are missing out on some great opportunities. Here are just a few of the ways that your church could benefit from having its own website. First of all, a website is a wonderful way to stay in touch with the members of your church. Most churches give out bulletins or newsletters after each service to keep members informed. However, many of your members may forget to pick up a bulletin or lose it sometime during the week. By having a website where you can post your bulletin your members can still get the information they need at the click of a mouse and keep up with what is going on....[Read More]

E-Business and Its Advantages

Whether on or off line, customers in today’s marketplace want quality products and information in a quick and easy manner. I’ve typed it before and I’ll type it again, the internet’s main benefit is that of speed and convenience. Therefore e-business, which uses the internet as the core for business dealings, can help make a company more customer-friendly in addition to many other things, such as creating a more efficient exchange of information and/or products and services. 1. Removes Location and Availability Restrictions Users need not be in the same physical location as an e-business and the exchange of information and transactions may take place at any given time, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and from any location in the world with Internet access...[Read More]

4 Major Questions to Ask While Interviewing a Magento Developer

The key to success of your online store lies on how efficiently you can build it. User-friendliness, functionality, SEO-friendliness and a number of other factors are responsible for the success of your online website. Thus, choosing the eCommerce platform is a crucial phase of development. Magento is the most powerful platform and recommended choice of developers for eCommerce development. However, things certainly become more productive when you choose the right Magento developer for your eCommerce website as well. Skill set and knowledge of a developer greatly affect the efficiency of a website and thus, while interviewing a developer it becomes crucial to check his credibility rightly. Keeping this in mind, here are some of the important questions to know before hiring a developer. Que...[Read More]

10 Things a Business Needs to Know to Reduce Credit Card Processing Fees

The credit card processing system that we take for granted every day has a lot of moving parts. Many business owners think of this process in the same way as meat eaters think about the process of making hot dogs – they would rather not see how it is made, they just want to have one at the right time. However, it is helpful to understand a bit about how credit card processing system works, and more importantly, how to put you, as a business owner in a position to maximize profits. The main players in the process are the merchant, the issuing bank, the acquiring bank, the merchant services provider and the association. A brief description of the roles: · Merchant (business owner) – accepts credit cards for payment and services. Opens a merchant account with a Merchant Ser...[Read More]

Advantages of Wix Website Builder

Wix is a low cost website builder that has been making a real splash amongst would-be entrepreneurs who find that creating a marketing website is easier than they ever imagined. There are approximately 200 readymade templates available to choose from while those with a more artistic frame of mind can start from scratch and build their own personal masterpiece. The templates vary and can be categorized into Business, eCommerce, Real Estate, Music, Personal and many more niches besides. Initial loading takes just a few seconds and it is possible to create a website in minutes. We take a look at the many advantages of Wix to help you understand its usefulness. The Many Benefits Of Wix Website Builder • Cost Effective: You can try before you buy and although the free version has numerous ...[Read More]