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Employment Branding – What Is It? Why Do We Need It?

Employment Branding – What Is It? Why Do We Need It?

In a recent study, 150 senior HR managers were questioned on what they perceived to be their biggest challenges going into 2008. Key findings: # 1 Finding, Attracting and Hiring, # 2 Retention, # 3 Measurement and # 4 Legal compliance.

In 2008 there will be an estimated 450 million job seekers worldwide using the Internet … There will be an estimated 50 million employers worldwide competitive for the industries top talent … What's your strategy to standout?

The answer is easier than you thought … "Employment Branding"

In today's market place, human capital is an organization's most significant competitive advantage. But while many corporations will have a big budget to brand and market their products and services to their clients, many still do not fully understand the value of actively branding themselves to potential recruitments and current employees.

In other words, when you have a headache you use Tylenol, when you clean windows you use Windex … runny nose … reach for a Kleenex. You get the point … there is an expectation associated with every brand. A strong brand is the differentiator in a consumer's decision to buy.

Employment Branding is the same principle. Employment Branding is the perception that current and prospective employees have of your organization as a place to work. Your employment brand is the essence of your organization. It conveys a promise about your culture, organizational values, vision, business expertise, and employee and customer relationships.

The fact is, the illusive "passive candidate" is interviewing your company long before they ever apply to an open position.

Therefore, it is critical you pay careful attention to how and where you're representing your brand online in 2008. When developing your 2008 recruitment strategy and budget do not forget "Employment Branding".

Often, the best carers (just like products) need to be branded, marketed and sold. Clearly, the stronger this image, the better the company's ability to find and retain quality candidates to meet its employment needs.

About MYJOBENGINE: MYJOBENGINE is the internets first "Employment Branding" job board and marketing tool specifically designed for Corporate Staffing professionals seeking effective and efficient ways to promote their "Employment Brand" and corporate career site.

Source by Bob Gutowski

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