EVx 2023: KINETA offers a wide range of EV chargers


It’s more than just electric vehicles at paultan.org EVx 2023. The cars need home charging, and when you shop for an EV, you’ll also need to research and pick a suitable charger for your home or office. KINETA offers a wide range of EV chargers from multiple brands.

A subsidiary of Sime Darby, KINETA provides end-to-end EV charging solutions in Malaysia. Catering to both individuals and enterprises, the company has been appointed the in-house supplier and installer of EV chargers for brands under the Sime Darby Motors group that sell EVs, including BMW, Hyundai, Porsche, Volvo and BYD.

KINETA carries a diverse portfolio of products from reputable EV charger brands such as Wallbox, StarCharge, Tritium, Autel and more, with both alternate current (AC) and direct current (DC) fast chargers available.

One popular home AC charger is the Wallbox Pulsar Plus, which comes in different configurations (7.4 kW and 22 kW). For companies looking for DC fast chargers, there are Starcharge chargers in a variety of configurations and speeds. Experts are on hand to provide useful advice and alternative options. Happy researching!

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