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Famous Chocolate Bar Logo – How Has Logo Branding Made Their Products Renowned?

Famous Chocolate Bar Logo – How Has Logo Branding Made Their Products Renowned?

Would you ever buy a bar of chocolate that is wrapped in a white wrapper?

I highly doubt it.

If you want your customers’ mouths to water with simply the thought of your brand name then your trademark must reflect the same.

How has logo branding helped make their products renowned?

Let’s have a look at their chocolate bar logo designs:

1. Toblerone:

Their brand mark is one of the most popular emblems in the logo world. It consists of the company name in thick and straight red fonts with a silhouetted illustration of a mountain. It looks simple enough at first sight but if you look carefully you will see that the mountain has a silhouette of a bear hidden in it which represents the company’s founding city Bern, Switzerland that is also known as the city of bears.

2. Lindt:

This company has one of the simplest yet most sophisticated designs of all time. It consists of the company name in golden colored script fonts with an illustration of a winged dragon accompanying it. The background of the logo varies in colors from blue, red, ivory to black according to the chocolate type. Overall this emblem is chic and classy.

3. Godiva:

The word Godiva means ‘a gift from God’ but the monogram is an illustration from a page in history which consists of the famous Lady Godiva of the 11th century, who rode through the streets of Coventry without clothes on a horse to protest against the high tax rates imposed on her husband. The black and white illustration combined with the sight fonts gives a traditional and chic look to the business mark.

4. Scharffen Berger:

Their trademark consists of a horned Ibex standing on a mountain with three stars over its head. This animal was chosen to represent the brand because of his ability to steer through rough paths. The straight fonts and brown background reminds one of traditional chocolate. The illustration depicts class with a touch of history and culture.

5. Wonka:

Based on the fictional character in the famous movie ‘Charlie and the chocolate factory’, their trade mark has always been fun loving and a little eccentric to complement the character. Although they have altered their business mark quite a few times now, the symbol that gained the most popularity was the one with the company name with a purple top hat. The straight fonts placed at an angle with the top hat added a dramatic yet sophisticated air to the design that would be appropriate even for a beach bar logo design.

6. Jacek:

This emblem simply consists of the company initial in straight fonts surrounded by an intricate Celtic design. The combination of brown and white for the symbol give it a delicious chocolaty look.

Hence, if you want the customers to buy your chocolate then the rule is very simple. Simply make their mouths water with the thought of your brand.


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